Introducing Fatties United!

Welcome to my brand new blog and document site, Fatties United, or FU!  (Reminds me of the Odd Couple:  “You leave notes on my pillow.  ‘We’re out of corn flakes.  FU.’  It took me three hours to figure out what FU stood for!”)

I will post irregularly on topics related to fat acceptance.  To fill out the blog, there will be multiple bloggers posting on the same general topic, so that to the reader, it will seem like we’re organized and are frequent posters, when individually we may be flaky and infrequent posters. 

I’ll let the other bloggers introduce themselves.  I’m Bill Weitze, and am a mechanical engineer living in San Jose, California.  I am also a fat rights activist of sorts, which you could probably guess from the name of this blog.

This blog is not affiliated with NAAFA, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.  I am a NAAFA member, and I support and help the group, but the opinions expressed here are those of the authors, and not of NAAFA.

So, welcome aboard, and let’s see where this adventure in blogging and activism takes us!


4 thoughts on “Introducing Fatties United!

  1. I just want to say how proud I am of my husband for setting this up. We discussed a need to reach out to the fat community; and a couple of hours later, he actually did something! Isn’t it amazing what some determination, passion for a good cause, some input from others, and technology can accomplish?

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