The body diversity flyer, first of many

Our own Goddess Les “tossed together” (she modestly says) this flyer on body diversity for an activism event by the Los Angeles chapter of NAAFA. We know that it’s OK to be fat, but what I like about this flyer is that it presents the science on the health benefits of being fat.  (We’re not trying to make thin people fat, we just want the pressure to be thin to cease.)  But there’s an industry that’s supported by fat hatred, and they’re all over the media.  So, please download, print, and spread the word!


5 thoughts on “The body diversity flyer, first of many

  1. As an older fattie, whose eyes are no longer what they were, I would like to ask/suggest that the background be severely toned down and perhaps a cleaner, easier-to-read font be used. I found it very difficult and headache-inducing to read.

    The content and layout, however, are just fantastic! Good work!

  2. Yes, this is very good, but one other thing I noticed, aside from the Monique thing, since she has recently ‘drunk the Kool-Aid’, is that most recent figures I have seen suggest that the diet industry itself is taking in closer to $70 billion per year, not to mention, of course, a decent percentage of the $500 billion raked in by the pharmaceutical industry is for drugs used to help change the size & shape of bodies.

    And I only wish that I had a functioning printer, so that I could print out & distribute these flyers.

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