Fat Slogans

These have been gathered by me over a few years – some are mine, some are not; but I like them.  I think they make great bumperstickers, buttons, bookmarks, etc.

Got more?


 Thank you for deciding what’s good for me (not)

As Is

Fuck your fascist beauty standards

Beauty comes in all sizes

Fat and fit

Respect yourself

A waist is a terrible thing to mind

Change how you see, not how I look

Change how you see, not how you look

If the definition of beautiful gets any thinner, no one will fit.

Don’t assume I’d rather be thin

Not a size 6 deal with it

If this was the 1500s I’d be a goddess

Scales are for fish not people

Fat isn’t a flaw, it’s a feature

Everything is beautiful – in its own weigh


I have fattitude and I know how to use it

I have fattitude and I’m not afraid to use it

I won’t worry about your small mind and you don’t worry about my large body

Fat and Sassy

Big! Bold! Beautiful!

Fat and All That

Livin Phat

Large and in charge

Don’t weigh your self esteem

Fat by nature, proud by choice

Staple papers, not stomachs

I’m not dying to lose weight

Judge my ability not my waistline

Born to be wide

Self esteem is not a dress size

My subcutaneous layer is thicker than yours

More SubQ than you

I love the goddess in me

Love the goddess in me

I have the body of a goddess

BMI – Brave Marvelous Individual

BMI – Broad-minded Individual

BMI – Big Magnificent Individual

I’m Fat – Deal with it

Put on your big girl panties and deal with it

Largely happy

Largely positive

Largely adipositive!

Worship me like the goddess I am

Full figure – full life

Enlighten up (with picture of fat Buddha)

Fight Fat Phobia

Just the weigh I am

Wide Pride

Bigger is better

Cutie with a booty


Save it for someone who cares

I want to leave this world the way I came in – fat and screaming

Living Large

One size does not fit all

There’s lightning in these thunder thighs

Big Fat Mammas are back in style

It ain’t over ‘til I sing

Plenty to go around

I’ve never had a problem with my weight that wasn’t caused by someone else

Real men don’t suck it in

Real women don’t suck it in

I kicked Jenny Craig’s ass

Weight Watchers is a diet not a lifestyle

Body by the diet industry

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win (Gandhi)

Equal rights are not special rights

Insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result (No dieting)

Correlation does not equal causation (Bad Science – no cookie)

Keep your narrow mind away from my wide body

I love fat boys

I love fat girls

Fat University (FU)

Fatties United (FU)

Got badonkadonk?

When this fat lady sings, its just getting started

I’m not big boned – I’m fat

I’m not fluffy – I’m fat


Buddha Belly

Uppity fatty

Team Fat

This is how I roll

Diet; lose, gain, repeat – stop the insanity

Who wants a six pack when you can have the keg

Thick chick

Over whose weight

Americans fatter than ever; Americans live longer than ever; Do the math

You act like you’ve never seen a fat person before

I’m not fat, I’m epic

I’m the belly of the ball


14 thoughts on “Fat Slogans

  1. These are awesome. It’s a tough line to draw between sounding proud and sounding defensive, but there are a number of them here I’d love on a T-shirt or bumper sticker.

    How about adding:

    No, you’re not worried about my health. You’re just a bigot.

  2. Brill. I love the sweet simplicity of ‘Fight fat phobia.’

    May I also suggest one I read on Fatty Pattie’s blog about two minutes ago: “Stigma doesn’t help anyone.”

  3. When this fat lady sings, its just getting started


    I also continue to love “I’ve never had a problem with my weight that wasn’t caused by someone else“, because it continues to be completely true.

  4. This is fun to read, my one might be a bit out of date, but I’ve always liked ‘Phuck Physics’, for those who keep going on about how their probably wrong interpretation of ‘thermondynamics’ supports their fat-hating BS.

  5. Heehee. I love the “Bad science – no cookie” 🙂 I like some of the shirts over at fatguyshirts too but shudder when I think of people wearing some of them with glaring grammatical errors that I’m pretty certain aren’t meant to be part of the shirt’s one-liner joke! 😉

  6. I had a t-shirt once that read “Fuck your fascist beauty standards” in this girly cursive script and I finally stopped wearing it because I was tired of all the mean looks old people shot my way.

    And I made up my own vegetarian version of Gandhi’s aphorism in an editorial I once wrote for the school paper. Here’s my version: “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they get Mad Cow disease. Then you win.”

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