Seriously, Jon? Fat Jokes?

What do you do when one of your heroes disappoints you so deeply?

 Last night on the Daily Show, after a hiatus, they started out with fat jokes.  With Jon Stewart in a fat suit.  How droll.  Not.  A whole sketch about how Jon apparently became hugely fat by eating cheese steak sandwiches and milkshakes at the Jersey Shore while he was on vacation.

 I love Jon Stewart.  I love the Daily Show.  And it is so disappointing to see this kind of bigotry portrayed on a show that is my main source of news. 

 Actually, in his moment of Zen, Jon was shown dancing around in his fat suit, looking like he was having the time of his life – and I liked those joyous images.  But of course, they had to end with Jon doing exercises asking “is it gone yet” after each push up.  Grrrr.

 I don’t know how Jon can’t see the connection between his actions and the quote played later in connection with health reform where someone complained about their tax dollars going to help people who were killing themselves.  I may be wrong, but I took this to be an attack on fat people – and that somehow we are unworthy of health coverage. 

 I did post on the Daily Show forum with my complaint, and I was happy to see, I was not the first person to complain about the fat jokes. 

 I hate these kinds of quandaries of conscience.  The Daily Show is usually excellent.  I really don’t want to boycott it.  But I don’t want to support this kind of behavior either. 


I’ll be interested to see what kind of feedback on my post in their forum.  Last time (on a non-fat related issue), I got good response directly from the people working on the show.  If you too are a fan of the Daily Show, I strongly recommend you go to their website ( and post.


8 thoughts on “Seriously, Jon? Fat Jokes?

  1. I definitely understand how you’re struggling with that. Though I don’t have cable anymore and didn’t see it (sad) I’m pretty glad I didn’t. I love Jon Stewart and the Daily Show, and as you’ve said, it’s so hard to continue watching with the same level of mirth when there are these kinds of jokes.

    My favorite show in the world (also Comedy Central) is South Park. I think it’s the most brilliant social commentary there is, and I even wrote a book about South Park and religion. The thing about South Park is, it makes fun of every body and every belief, religious, political, social or otherwise.

    This, unfortunately, includes fat jokes. Granted, I’ve noticed something interesting about the fat jokes targeted at Cartman, which is that they’re quite often accompanied by him saying something to Kyle that’s anti-Semitic. That, I think is interesting. We all know how unacceptable it is to make anti-Semitic remarks, and by juxtaposing those remarks with someone calling someone else a “fatass,” the show seems to be able to say that neither is acceptable and they’re both just things about people that they can’t help because they are who they are.

    That’s a great message, I think, though I don’t know that everyone would read it that way. At the same time, there are other fat jokes made on the show (though not that often, really), and I never really appreciate them, though I wonder if it’s only fair to accept those jokes if everything else gets to be fair game (including people’s religions, skin colors, hair color and other things they can’t help but be and that there’s nothing wrong with being).

    This is NOT to compare this instance to the Daily Show which was simply an uncool move, but just to note a spot in popular culture where there have been fat jokes and to wonder if there very existence is making an important point.

    It’s hard to say for sure. Glad you wrote The Daily Show to voice your complaint.

  2. Speaking for myself only, the problem with Jon’s behavior is that he’s pretty enlightened about other forms of prejudice. For example, when he jokes with Larry or Wyatt about black stereotypes, he does it in a way that stands the underlying assumptions on their collective head. There was no such enlightened questioning of assumptions last night.

    By no means would I deny Jon the right to make fat jokes, but I’m not laughing.

  3. Not the first time Jon Stewart has been nasty about fat. I love the show, but I’ve cringed more than a few times in the fat department. And the–very frequent–comments he makes about his own body (both “short” and “fat”) are beyond irritating and unpleasant. Whenever the show goes anywhere near that territory, I always prepare myself for it to be bad, and it almost always is. I am glad I missed his episode, though. Yuck.

    (Stephen Colbert, on the other hand, sometimes touches on fat, but has rarely said or done anything that bothered me…he has surprised me, in fact, by NOT taking the obvious fat joke at hand.)

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  5. And can you believe he then has Gervais on and they have another go at the fatties – although, I guess I can’t blame Jon for what his guest had to say – but I didn’t hear Jon disputing it either.

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