My Fat Is Not a Problem to be Solved

I read this article because of the title “Shame Is Not a Healthcare Strategy”.  Hear, hear.  Great title, and the article started out so well.  And then it just went to shit. 

The author (Connie Schultz) was doing great when she was talking about how wrong fat bashing is; how it doesn’t help anyone.

Then she goes on to tell us all how to turn fat people into thin people, or at least thinner people.  Because, you know, fat people don’t know about eating healthy and exercising and stuff like that; and if fat people could afford healthier food we would all be thinner. 

Oh, and also fat people tend not to go to the doctor (Ms. Schultz attributes it to lack of health insurance not because fat people have been routinely terrorized by the healthcare industry), where we could benefit from constant monitoring and intervention through regular checkups.  Yeah, that is exactly what healthcare for fat people is lacking – more monitoring and intervention focused on our weight. 

But of course medical monitoring and medical intervention is what is required because this is a “medical epidemic”. 

Being fat, according to the author, is a complex problem that requires complex solutions.


I am not a problem, nor is my fat a problem to be solved.  I am a person, and my fat is part of the person I am.   And how dare you assume that I need to be solved.

I may not be the same as you, but that is okay.  It’s called diversity.  Don’t they teach that in school anymore – that people are different and that it’s a good thing? 

As the old saying goes, protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies myself.

If you must, here is the addy for the article:


3 thoughts on “My Fat Is Not a Problem to be Solved

  1. Kind of her to want to help us, isn’t it? You hear it everywhere, though, that ‘obesity’ is a problem to be solved, & moreover, that it is not a normal, natural, genetic variation in bodies, but a ‘lifestyle choice’, something we need to control in order to take ‘personal responsibility’ for our health.

    Yesterday, while someone else in the house was watching tv & I was writing email, I accidentally overheard some medical examiner on one of those disgusting ‘medical shows’ claiming that one of the leading causes of “unnecessary” premature death in women in particular is liver failure, followed by her absolute assertion that “obesity causes liver disease.” They never do give up on trying to blame everything in the world on fat, including acne & bad breath, I suppose. I am SOOO damn sick of it all.

  2. I think that it would make a pretty good t-shirt, too. Of course, I WOULD think that, since I don’t have a car or a license & I walk most everywhere.

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