Fat vs Fluffy

I am NOT fluffy – I am FAT. 

I know I am fat.  Everyone who has ever laid eyes on me, knows I am fat.  And most people, who have spent any time with me, know that I openly acknowledge that I am fat.

Fluff doesn’t jiggle.  And jiggling is fun!  I love moving my body and feeling the way different parts react to the movement (and how long it takes for it to stop – ha!).  It’s fun to grab on and shake! 

I feel using euphemisms for fat are not helpful.  For some reason, many people seem to think that fat people don’t realize that they are fat.  At least, that’s the only explanation I can come up with for the behavior of these people – people who come up and tell you their latest diet or exercise tip; and people who call you “fat”. 

However, I also understand that fat-acceptance is a journey; and not everyone is on the same place in that journey.  Calling yourself fluffy, big, plus-sized, etc. is, at least, a step in the right direction – you are starting to come to terms with your “size”. 

Coming to terms with your size, however, is not the same thing as coming to terms with your fat.  Many people are big, plus-sized, etc. but are not fat. 

As Goddess Lesleigh reminds us – our fat bodies are something to enjoy. 

The wonderful Kathy Barron did a post on her Live Journal blog about getting back to enjoying your body the way children enjoy their bodies!  How true.  Look at a baby and how toes and fingers can be so fascinating!  Until they are taught differently, kids love their bodies and realize what a gift the body is.

I don’t want to remonstrate anyone who is not where I am on the journey to fat acceptance.  I try to be (what I hope is) a good example, approachable, and open to discussion with my fellow travelers.  While the destination may be the same, the journey is different for each of us, and we can learn so much by listening to each other and sharing our experiences.  Each step of the way is a good thing and an opportunity to go forward and help those who are coming along behind us.

We need to support each other, because we all know how hard the journey is.  And there is certainly enough fat-hate out there, without adding conflict within the fat community. 

All anyone can do is the best that they can in any given moment.  We should all remember that.  Cherish ourselves, and cherish each other.

Now get out there and jiggle something!


7 thoughts on “Fat vs Fluffy

  1. This is a rad post. I think some of the euphemisms is that no one really has a definition for “Fat” everyone can accept. Youtube commenters, for example. But they might actually be monkeys, so I’m not positive.

    I like the idea of remembering to enjoy your body like babies enjoy theirs. -starts fiddling with knuckles- This is rad!

  2. I hate the term “fluffy” as a euphemism for fat. It makes fat people sound like airheads.
    The trouble with euphemisms is that they start carrying the pejorative meaning of whatever word or phrase they were coined to soften.
    People will call you “fat” if they don’t like you and are not concerned about social niceties. By the same token, if they do like you, they’ll say, “Oh, you’re not fat” even when you clearly are.
    It’s a bit like some men calling each other “faggot” as a term of insult independent of the person’s actual sexual preferences.
    If someone calls me fat, I thank them for the compliment. This confuses them, which can be amusing. Just doing my bit for the cause.

  3. Hahaha. I was just commenting to friends earlier that I am a fat girl, not freakin’ Big Bird. WTF is it with “fluffy” anyway? Do people think if they describe themselves as such that other people will not notice they are fat?

  4. I can tolerate BBW, plus sized etc but I HATE having ‘fluffy’ used to describe me because of my weight. Hate it with a passion. Add that to the fact that in pagan circles (I am pagan) if someone is described as ‘fluffy’ or a ‘fluffy bunny’ it means they are pretty superficial in their path so that doesnt endear the term to me either. I really dont get the fluffy for fat thing though, I mean a sheep is fluffy, a kitten can be fluffy but a fat person??? Fat is nothing like fluff so who the heck started using fluffy to substitute for fat? Thankfully it is a term that I have never heard used here in Australia so I have been largely able to avoid it!

  5. Mr. Twistie and I play with my fat all the time. It makes both of us giggle like kids. I love that the love of my life can get silly this way. Then again, if he couldn’t do that, he probably wouldn’t be the love of my life.

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