What if my boss sees this?

I don’t blog anonymously, but some do because they don’t want their internet history coming up in a job interview or a performance evaluation.  I don’t think that’s an issue for me, but even so, I hardly ever say anything about fat acceptance to my coworkers, mostly because I’m there just to work.  And in any case, it seems to be a (relatively) size-accepting workplace.  There are a few fat people working there, and some coworkers have fat spouses.  We started a wellness program this year, but it isn’t mandatory, and doesn’t seem to punish the fatties.  There’s some breakroom diet talk, but I keep away from that as much as I can.  Those who know that I’m into size acceptance seem to be OK with it.

But what if I have to change jobs?  If they research me on the internet, they’ll find my fat acceptance writings as well as my work experience.  I just checked, and even blog comments and petition signings show up.  Scary if you think about it.

It’s not a new problem.  The personal letters of famous people in history are now available for all to read.  But average people used to have a “security by obscurity”.  Now, nothing is truly obscure.

The answer, of course, is to be proud enough of everything you write that you have no misgivings about signing it.  And, except for the odd (very odd) comment on someone’s facebook status, I do.  And that means editing everything, even tweets.  But that’s OK, because I’m an editor at heart.

But even so, I’m not in the clear.  I find fat women attractive, and I’ve said so in writing.  Some people have a problem with that, and that means that they might have a problem with me.  While I’m not willing to hide my preference, I do self-censor by leaving out anatomical raves, for example.

So it’s a balancing act.  And I plan to write more about this and other aspects of self-censorship in another post.  In the meantime, how do you folks handle this?


3 thoughts on “What if my boss sees this?

  1. I think of it this way…if I’m rejected for a position because of what I post and draw, then it’s probably for the best. I don’t want to be a part of an organization where I’m likely to be ostracized for my appearance.

    I don’t write or draw scandalous and hurtful things. That’s just not me. If an employer wants to reject an application based on internet ramblings, I would hope they’d do so only if the potential employee was posting discriminatory or violent remarks. Not because they were promoting health, self-esteem, and size acceptance.

  2. I admit that I use a handle for an additional layer of obscurity. If it detracts from the credibility or authority of anything I write, then so be it; my comfort matters more to me. It’s a choice I’ve made.

    But even with a handle, I’ve had a rule from day one about the internet (which was 24 years ago for me): I never post anything publically that I wouldn’t want my current boss to know about me Right Now. It’s served me well when choosing what to say.

    If someone takes issue with the things I have chosen to put out there, I’d rather know about it before I’ve invested emotionally and intellectually in a workplace rather than later.

    It’s something every person has to choose for themselves.

  3. I am a private person and would not blog under my own name. Even though I don’t think I have written anything to be ashamed of, I don’t need to share it with the wrong people or have it read out of context. Not everyone in my life is a safe person and IRL I have boundaries.

    As far as your career, I think it would depend on the industry. It might be a plus in the writing world because it shows you have talent and initiative.

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