Fatties Need New Zealand Like They Need a Hole in the Head


I don’t care what movies they have made there.  I don’t care how beautiful it is.  New Zealand is not your friend!

My husband is the editor for the NAAFA Newsletter and I help him with the news round-up section.  (Good reading, if you are not subscribed you should – the online version is free.) 

Anyhow, here is a roundup item from the most recent newsletter (there is so much to look at we tend to be running months behind, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good stuff to know):

“What is up with New Zealand?  First they blocked immigration of fat people, next their Ministry of Health is purposing spending millions to fund WLS, and now they want to drill holes in the heads of fat folks and inject genetic material to make them thin.  As the NZ Herald reports, based on the success of the animal trials, Professor During, a neuroscientist, wants to start human clinical trials – as early as within 12 months.”



So first they said stay out.  Then they threaten to cut you open and mutilate you.  Now they aren’t going to bother to cut you open – just drill a hole in your head!  Holy crap!  Okay, I lie, according to the news article – they drill 2 holes in your head!  Honest.  OMG.

I really do understand the social pressures to become thin.  I know diets don’t work.  I know weight loss surgery has the same failure rate as diets (only with the added attraction of death and horrendous side effects).  I don’t think I could understand someone so desperate to be thin that they would let someone drill a hole in their head and inject something into their brain.  Seriously.

And while I wasn’t willing to pay to read the actual study, the news article said that the mice (yes, they want to go from fat mice to fat people – even though it has been shown that what works on fat mice does not necessarily translate to humans) – had a 20% body weight loss in 3 weeks and then the weight stabilized over 11 weeks.  So I don’t know how much weight was lost over all and 11 weeks is hardly long term weight loss is it?  Certainly these numbers would not lure me to have holes drilled in my punkin head. 

So stay away from New Zealand, or if you must go, I recommend protective head gear.


2 thoughts on “Fatties Need New Zealand Like They Need a Hole in the Head

  1. It’s enough to make a person glad that she never travels! Ye gods! CAN they dehumanize & degrade fat people any more? I am also an older person & a disabled person, so I know that there are plenty of ‘helpful’ souls out there more than ready to strip me of any remnant of my humanity or self-worth. Well, New Zealand doesn’t need to worry that I will be trying to sully their perfection. And part of the irony of this insanity is that the Native people of New Zealand are the Maoris, who are a Pacific Islander people, & Pacific Islanders generally have a strong genetic tendency to be fat, especially as the age. So we have the Caucasians who came in & took over their island (why does this sound painfully familiar) othering & ostracizing them & anyone else with a similar genetic makeup even more.

    Will the time ever come when diversity is truly accepted & celebrated & people are allowed to be who they are? Not in my lifetime, I fear.

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