1.         To love myself just as I am.

2.         To not judge anyone on their size (large or small).

3.         To keep informed on fat issues (yahoo groups ShowMeTheData and FatStudies are two excellent places to start, as is the NAAFA E-Newsletter)

These are three simple things you can do for yourself and the fat community.  Won’t cost you anything but time (even if you don’t have a computer, you can usually use one at your local library). 

Loving yourself is not always easy.  For some people, it seems almost impossible.  If you dno’t know where or how to start, try finding some support online.  There are many fat-positive Yahoo, MySpace and FaceBook sources.  Get suggestions on what has worked for other people and try to figure out what will work for you.  Or go to your local library and find some general books on self-acceptance (but take it back if you run into any anti-fat content).  You’re worth it.

I am pretty bad about judging very thin people.  I just assume they’d be better off if they ate a cheeseburger.  Luckily, my husband is often there to correct my wicked ways.  And he’s right.  Some people are naturally thin, and I shouldn’t assume that it is an unnatural situation.  I want people to accept the fact that there are naturally fat people in this world.  I need to remember that we come in ALL sizes.  Fat is part of diversity.  So is being thin.  And everything in between.  And diversity is wonderful.

Don’t you wish you had the facts when someone starts spewing pseudo-scientific anti-fat rhetoric?  Well there are some amazing, smart, fat-friendly folks out there and they are discussing the issues, critiquing the latest studies, and providing all kinds of sources for fat friendly facts and science.  Even if you just want to lurk, ShowMeTheData and FatStudies will help you keep informed on the latest science and news.  Each issue of the NAAFA E-Newsletter includes a news roundup which summarizes what has been going on in the fat community, as well as providing you the links to articles and studies.  Knowledge is always a good thing. 

I wish you all a wonderful and abundant 2010.



  1. Happy 2010 to you too!! And I’m totally stealing your resolutions, they are fantastic. I find that I often judge fat people, though I’ve come to understand that it’s a projection of what I dislike in myself thanks to media and fat haters. But with good resources like you mentioned I think it’s possible to embrace diversity both in ourselves and in others.

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