Making it “easy” to be fat?

I still can’t believe people want to argue that the availability of decent clothing or social groups or just the notion of fat acceptance somehow encourages people to be fat.

Yeah.  Being fat in this society is just so much flipping fun that fat folks are just looking for an excuse to be fat.  And if society doesn’t treat fatties like crap every minute of every day, it isn’t doing it’s job, because we all “know” being fat is a choice.

How do you think they discovered that diets don’t work?  Because a squillion fat people have tried them, and tried them, and tried them yet again, and 95% + have ended up fatter than ever.  And the sad thing is with all the data on how diets don’t work, society, as a whole, is still thinks that if fat people just tried a “little” harder the diets would work.  And fat people buy into it. 

The fact is, some people are just meant to be fat.  Just like some people are meant to be tall, or short, or blonde or whatever.  And some people who are meant to be fat end up a lot fatter because they get on the diet-go-round.  It is not a moral issue.  It is not a health issue.  It is nature in all of its wonderful diversity.  Whatever happened to “God (nature) doesn’t make junk”?

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  Stop trying to turn fat people into thin people. 

So, no, having clothes to wear doesn’t make it “easier” to be fat; and having places where I can get together with my fat friends doesn’t make it “easier” to be fat.  Being fat is just what I am.  It’s who I have always been, no matter how hard I tried to change that.  And I don’t need or want your permission to accept myself (or my fat friends or my average-sized friends or anyone else).  And, happily, how I feel about myself is something society cannot control.


3 thoughts on “Making it “easy” to be fat?

  1. Ah, yes, it’s SOOO easy to be fat & we get so much unconditional acceptance & support & ignorant people who cannot or will think for themselves NEVER blindly accept what they hear/read & in some cases do not even understand in the media as fact! And the moon really IS made of green cheese! And I do not ever get treated to ‘amusing’ secondhand stories about my sons’ paternal grandmother yapping that I eat constantly & NEVER exercise (this last in particular about a woman who has exercised steadily since at least the age of 10, logging in around 55,000 miles of walking so far, & who fights & has fought against a compulsive to over-exercise, having four different periods in my life wherein, for three to four years at a time, I increased my exercise to 3-4 hours daily). This about a woman who goes out when it isn’t much above zero, as today, & walks for 45 minutes to an hour at a time, walks around my apartment at least a couple of times every day, &, when it is really icy outside, because I have cerebral palsy & arthritis & do not court any more broken bones, walks steadily from room to room daily for 40-45 minutes daily, as well as doing housework, shopping, laundry, caring for, chasing, playing with, lifting my 4-year-old granddaughter, etc. No, I am fat because I am lazy & gluttonous, eat huge amounts of food, & refuse to exercise (Actually, what I refuse to do is ever diet again or allow anyone else to tell me how I can live in my body, what to eat, or that I should feel shame & self-hatred & apologize for my ‘offensive’ body). And the beliefs of this 8th-grade educated, misinformed 87-year-old woman are pretty much echoed by my college-educated, health & fitness obsessed, 36-year-old son, who also thinks he knows better than I do how I live in my body & how I SHOULD live. Yes, it is SOOO easy to be fat in our culture.

  2. Wait, what now? You mean YOU didn’t choose to be fat?!? But it’s so much more AWESOME than not being fat! Like when strangers lean out of their cars and shout “FAT PIG!!” at you as they drive by? That’s my FAVORITE! Ooh, and how about those 20 minute lectures about BMI whenever you get bronchitis or have a pap smear? I mean, doctors are just SO smart and knowledge is FUN! Ooh and how about paying a premium price for ANY KIND OF CLOTHING at all, because well, being fat MUST mean we have access to infinite amounts of cash, right? So yeah, I could choose not to be fat, but why would I? Haha-haha…. heh… *sigh*

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