Fat and Alone on Valentine’s Day

How many years did I waste bemoaning being alone on Valentine’s Day and being sooooo sure it was because I am fat?  Way too many, that’s how many.

Guess what?  Being alone on Valentine’s Day is a people issue, not a fat issue. 

People who are not fat are alone on Valentine’s Day too.  Lots and lots of people are alone on Valentine’s Day, or didn’t get flowers or chocolate or whatever. 

And nobody needs to be feeling bad about themselves.

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that seems to be custom made for making lots of people feel bad about themselves and their life situation.  On the other hand, it’s kind of hard for me to be totally against any holiday that is a basis for me getting chocolate! 

Get yourself some flowers, chocolate or whatever. 

Get together with some friends and have a “Thank God I’m Single Party” – see who can come up with the most, best, funniest reasons that being single is good; have a worst date contest – have some fun. 

There is nothing wrong with single – there is lots wrong with being with the wrong person just because you think that’s better than being single.

Make homemade Valentines, go to a nursing home and deliver them.  Get some of those absolutely silly Valentines they make for kids and walk down the street and hand them out.  How many people haven’t gotten a Valentine since they were in grade school? 

Make it a day you do really nice things just for you – a bubble bath with candles and a good book.  Watching a movie you just love.  Strolling through a museum.  Whatever it is, you deserve it. 

Valentine’s Day is about love.  And love is for sharing – with everyone – including yourself. 

So celebrate it or not.  And I hope you spend the day with someone you love – especially if that person is yourself!


2 thoughts on “Fat and Alone on Valentine’s Day

  1. Even in a commited relationship, and now a marriage, we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s so overly commercialized. This year is going to be a little different because me and the hubs will be celebrating a decade of friendship and love, but we wont be going over the top.
    Great post!

  2. I do like to do V-day things when I can. Sometimes it’s just going out with an “I Fat Chicks” shirt and seeing if it brightens up someone’s day, whether a fat gal or a comrade.

    The post reminds me of Aya de Leon, an Oakland area performer who has had annual V-day events at La Pena for a long time. This time she celebrated motherhood, but when she was single the event was a mass self-marriage ceremony.

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