Fat People and SWA

Okay.  Here’s my two cents on SWA.

As far as I’m concerned, you can have any kind of policy in place you want to.  It’s your company, your planes.  Go for it.

HOWEVER, my problem starts when the policy is ill-defined and arbitrarily implemented.  SWA’s website says if you can put the armrest down, you are not too fat to fly SWA with one seat – but they don’t stand by that policy.  And that is what opens the door to complaints of discrimination.  Time and time again you hear how a fatty has flown on SWA with no problems and then on a leg of the same trip they are suddenly too fat to fly SWA —- did they suddenly get huge between flight segments?

Now SWA’s wants to tell you that removing fat people from flights is not about comfort (and your fellow passenger’s fat phobia) – it’s about safety.  Because in an emergency fat people will move too slowly, be unable to get out of their seat, block other people, etc.  All I can say to that is BALLS. 

In the first place, fat people love their own fat asses just as much as anybody else, and fat people are just as motivated to get off the plane as anyone. 

You want proof — look at deboarding – the fatties are popping out of their seats, grabbing their crap and trying to get off just as fast as everyone else. 

And if SWA really is worried about slow moving passengers creating a problem in an emergency, then SWA should not allow the elderly, the disabled, people accompanied by small children, and people who don’t speak English to fly — because all of these people may impede other passengers in case of an emergency. 

Same proof – look at the boarding and deboarding process and see who slows everything up (except maybe people who don’t speak English, if they have flown before — that is not a physical barrier but the communication barrier that can slow things down).

I don’t fly SWA if I can avoid it.  I don’t like how they treat other people.  If I do fly SWA, I buy 2 seats.  When they thank me for buying 2 seats I let them know just how unhappy I am about their policy and how it is implemented.  But when I fly coach in other airlines, I buy 2 seats (and spend a lot of time explaining why I bought a second seat).  This is my choice and about my comfort.  It is not about somebody else’s rules or “safety”.

SWA keeps telling us it’s not about the money — it’s about safety and comfort.  Yeah?  Then why did they want Natalie to buy a 2nd seat when clearly there was an extra seat next to her that nobody was going to be using. 

That’s another reason to avoid SWA — they lie.  I don’t like being lied to, and I really don’t like being lied to when it is clear that the assumption is I am too stupid to realize I am being lied to.

So that’s my 3 cents (inflation) on SWA.

One thought on “Fat People and SWA

  1. “In the first place, fat people love their own fat asses just as much as anybody else, and fat people are just as motivated to get off the plane as anyone.”

    This made me laugh! Believe you me, in a crisis I’d be damn well motivated to get off a plane.

    You’re absolutely right about children, by the way. Having a child to get on/off the plane takes a heck of a lot longer than it ever took me solo (or just with my husband). There’s a reason that there’s preboarding for families with small children. There’s no preboarding for non-disabled/special needs “fat people who might need additional time to board the plane” because WE DON’T NEED IT.

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