More Kevin Smith

In my last post, I welcomed Kevin Smith to take more steps toward fat acceptance. He has. I finally watched all of the video blogs, and in the end he says (I’m paraphrasing), “I give up, Southwest. You win. I am too fat to fly . . . too fat to fly Southwest, that is.”  He goes on to advise anyone over 200 lb to seek another airline.  Clever move, although the irony will be lost on some.  Here’s the page for all the videos:

The next step was a mid-week SModcast featuring Natali, the woman who had also been hassled by SWA that night.  Her full story is even worse (in terms of SWA’s behavior) than Kev’s version in SMod 106.  Stream or listen to #107 here:

Kev is still not fat-accepting, but he’s taken two more steps in that direction.  Bless you and thank you, Kevin Smith, and keep taking those steps.


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