WTF kind of question is that?  Is it “okay” to be who and what I am?  Who asked you?  Now, I need permission to exist?

Imagine asking that of any other group of people.  Now imagine their response! 

But Nightline apparently thinks it’s a reasonable question.  With Marianne Kirby and Meme Roth going head-to-head on the “issue”. 

I have to admit, I only saw and heard snippets of the Nightline episode. 

Major major kudos to Bill for watching the entire thing.  And same to anyone else who can sit through it.  I hope Bill will post giving a much more informed commentary on the episode.

The little bits I saw and heard had me yelling at the screen, which made me realize all it was doing was upsetting me and making me crazy.  I just couldn’t do that to myself.

Marianne Kirby looked great, and from what I hear, she did a really good job — especially faced with a nut job like Ms. Roth.  I’m sorry, at best Ms. Roth has major OCD that is focused on her own body; at worst, she is an undiagnosed anorexic.  I don’t know, I don’t care.  I just want her to shut up. 

I’m going to do some future posts on some basic arguments and questions that seem to arise in these types of interviews.  Giving my thoughts and comments, and I hope you will all give me your thoughts, comments and any information you have on the various issues!


6 thoughts on “IS IT OKAY TO BE FAT?

  1. I’m wondering, assuming it wasn’t okay to be fat, what exactly do people propose we’d do in response? Since we have no idea how to make fat people thin and that body weight is largely genetic, if being fat weren’t okay–which seems like an absurd argument, but just granting it for the moment–exactly what would be an appropriate response to fatness?

  2. I share your feelings on this. I could have easily gone to the show and been in the audience, but the title was just so appalling that I couldn’t be a part of it. It’s offensive on its face and I refuse to be an audience to a debate about my right to exist unmolested.

  3. I’m half way through it, and I have to say that so far, they all have made some good points, but they all have kind of made me go “Wtf” at least once. I have my own opinions on this, but I am finding myself able to sit through and actually *listen* to all viewpoints, instead of hearing, “Oh this person is saying something I don’t agree with, well screw them!” and get all upset over it, because I don’t think it’s worth it for me to get upset over it. I’m trying to forget about my side of things long enough to listen to what they say and try to see from their point of view before I want to open my mouth. Well, that’s all I have so far…until I watch the rest.

  4. Ashley, it’s hard to “listen” to individuals who are clearly unhinged – like Ms. Roth here. She has nothing to contribute to this argument, and she is not worth wasting my time on. By the way, listening over and over again to how I’m going to destroy the planet because of my personal body weight gets old… fast. That’s not a POV – it’s an attack.

  5. Sarah, I understand people may feel attacked, but it’s easy to feel that way when hearing things with an already defensive attitude. I don’t think she was maliciously trying to tear down anyone and hurt anyone, but I understand that a lot of what she said could be offensive. She is a human being too, and no matter how wrong she might have been in someone’s eyes, she still deserves to be heard. Don’t get me wrong, I also disagree with a lot of what she said, (and the people I believe made most sense were Crystal and Dr. Besser), because when emotion is involved too much to begin with, you really aren’t “listening” and hearing things in the same way they are said. Not everyone is able to do that, or wants to, and that’s fine too.

  6. Roth HAS a defensive attitude to being with – she starts off with the preposition that fat people are bad, and she must do everything in her power to tear them down. She is DELIBERATELY being malicious, because she HATES fat people. If you knew anything about Roth’s history (her absolute loathing of her fat mother and grandmother, her disordered eating habits), you would understand this.

    She has no right to be heard, especially when she’s not speaking the truth. And don’t give me that crap about objective listening – the words of Meme Roth speak LOUD and CLEAR for me.

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