More Marilyn: Friends and “Friends”

Here’s another little tidbit from the great Marilyn:

Last week, someone asked to be my friend in Facebook. I don’t know her. She was a Facebook friend of someone else who had asked to “friend” me based on the FAT!SO? book. None of us know each other personally. I happened across a post by this “friend”-of-a-“friend” that she was happy that her young son told her she looked thinner. In the comments, her friends all talked about how great it is for one’s jeans to get baggy, etc. So of course, I un”friend”ed this person. To the best of my ability, I don’t publicly affiliate with people who promote the goal of weight loss.

I can imagine that one reaction to my no-weight-losers policy would be concern that I’d miss out on “friends.” I prefer a certain quality of fabulousness and rebelliousness over quantity. If I only had one “friend” or even none, under this policy, I wouldn’t change it. As things are, I seem to have numerous “friends” and thank goodness, also a wonderful lineup of friends!

And I’m not attached to an outcome. This is just how I choose to operate, even if it made no difference at all. But I think it has some effect.

–Marilyn Wann (a.k.a. Marilyn Whale)


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