My fat ass and US Airways

Holy crap.

Hubby and I recently went to the Bahamas (for my beautiful niece’s wedding), and we took US Airways.

I am able, technically, to squeeze my fat ass between two armrests, but when flying coach I almost always buy 3 seats for us, so we can have a row to ourselves, giving us room for our butts and our stuff. 

Sooooooo, I went online, purchased our tickets.  Of course, they (like every other airline I have bought tickets from) are not set up so you can buy 2 seats for 1 butt.  I have finally worked around this problem by purchasing them under two versions of my name – for this trip, I figured this is especially important since you have to use a passport for the Bahamas and I don’t have a passport that reads “and my fat ass”.  I reserved the seats, paid for the tickets and waited for our trip, all fat and happy.

Get to the airport.  Nowadays, US Airways wants you to use the e-check in kiosk, even if there are people available at the counter.  Okay.  Did it.  And noticed that I did not get three contiguous seats.  Got a window and an aisle in one row and an aisle in the row behind and across from our two seats.  AND US Airways had sold the seat between my husband and me. 


So we went to the ticket counter, where we were basically told we’re screwed, but we can ask the person sitting between us to trade for the aisle seat in the other row (and how happy that person would be to do it because no one wants the middle seat).  Uh-huh.  Then they checked, and US Airways “helped” me by screwing up the return trip and the connecting flights to and from the Bahamas from Charlotte (the connector has rows of only 2 across, it was cheaper to buy 3 roundtrip tickets to the Bahamas, than 2 roundtrip to the Bahamas and 1 roundtrip to Charlotte).  I had purchased the seat in front of me on the connecting flights so no one would be putting their seat back into “my” space.  The ticket counter did straighten out our return flights; but said they couldn’t do anything about our outgoing flights.


When we got to the gate, as soon as the gate was staffed, I went up.  Apparently, they had been warned about the angry fat woman who would most likely be coming to see them.  The lady (a fatty) was trying to help, and made the same suggestion about simply waiting until we were on the plane and asking the person to trade.  I told her that I didn’t think I should have to beg for the seat that I had reserved and paid for.  And I told her I wanted (and expected) 3 seats together – not 2 because I still like my husband enough to want to be seated with him.  And then the computers went down.


She finally decided to make an announcement asking the person who had the seat between Bill and me to come to the gate.  When he came up, she took care of trading the tickets out.  Which I appreciated.  She simply took his ticket and crossed out his seat number and wrote in the aisle seat behind and across from where we had 2 tickets.  Which means, my tickets still said I would be sitting in 2 aisle seats, kitty-corner from each other (my what a talented ass US Airways must think I have, but how are they going to get the drink cart though?).

So we go to board, and the ticket guy looks at my tickets and starts in on, “Are there two of you?”  I said no, I bought two seats for my fat ass (one for each cheek); and he starts to say, “But these seats .,..”  And I told him, very seriously that he did not want to start with me, and if he had a problem he could go talk to the lady at the gate.  I must have looks sufficiently scary because he let me through.


SO, I try to do what the airlines are urging fatties to do, and buy 2 seats, and the airline not only makes it seriously difficult to do so, they screw with the seats anyhow. 

And then they wonder why fat folks are no longer so fucking jolly.


14 thoughts on “My fat ass and US Airways

  1. This is why I always call the airline and have THEM setup the second seat name and, if their system allows, “flag” it as an extra seat per the person of size policy (if they have one).

    Then if they try to separate them they can’t claim they weren’t told they were both for one person.

  2. Yeah, I could do that — only I’ve found that even on the phone they are confounded at the idea of 2 seats for one butt. Also, you usually get a price break if you order online. So if you have to call them, it’s just another way of screwing the fatty out of their hard earned bucks.


    • Depends on the airline. Alaska charged the same price I’d seen online (actually a bit less since $26 in “per-person” taxes were waived for the extra seat).

      However, I also realize not all airlines are going to TRACK who purchased an extra seat for “person of size” reasons vs “extra/bulky carryon” reasons. Which, um, why do they insist buying another seat is necessary again? 😦

  3. You know I read all of these posting on the discrimination and poor treatment of fatties and it positively makes my blood boil. I think it would probably help if you called your attorney general and filed some sort of complaint. Maybe if enough fatties did this and banded together some sort of class action suit can be filed against the airline industry….and maybe just maybe enough more people will be pissed off and feel inclined to sue. So that we can start to put an end to this discrimination once and for all.

  4. Why the hell can’t they make the seats bigger….I’m just saying! People, especially in America, are getting bigger and bigger and those seats look smaller and smaller.

    Even a slightly chubby person is uncomfortable. So, when a ginormous person (such as myself) gets on the plane – it’s going to be a long flight for whoever is assigned to sit next to said person.

    The last time I flew, I had a young US soldier sitting next to me. He immediately fell asleep and kind of snuggled on me (as there was no way that middle armrest was going to go down). I thought I would die – although I was glad he was comfortable.

    I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t afford to buy two seats. You can go first class, but that’s gonna cost you quite a bit more as well.

  5. And first class seats aren’t exactly roomy, AND the armrest does not go up. First class costs more than 2 seats in coach (we don’t buy first class, as a rule, we upgrade with miles).

    I like my husband’s idea —- offer a section of wider seats (at an increased cost) and call it executive wide. Just like they have the seats with more legroom that they call executive plus.

  6. Why not 2 1&1/4 sized seats in a few rows with a 1/2 sized seat in middle at 1/2 fare for kids.Price to net same fare as 3 present seats. Bet it would increase fatties and kid families traveling. If I can drive it in 2 days,I won’t fly, and all my bags get there!

  7. I was pissed before i found this site because some skinny bitch giving me the evil eye. You must understand that i am 5’7″ and near 400 pounds. Understanably my own fault. I busted my right knee at the age of 25 (when i was 160 pounds) and was cursed ever since. the problem was I still liked to eat but could not exercise, hell i could barely walk. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a walking belly, I still have some muscle on me. I have to get my fat ass out of bed every morning. that should count as power lifting right. Anyway I digress, I feel your pain about the airlines but try getting on the plane getting a seat belt extender for me and my wife (also big) and having people want to kill you after the flight because you have sleep apnea and snore up a storm at the drop of a hat. listen up fat people, we are no longer a minority, do any research you feel necessary, but we outnumber the skinny people by a large factor. If you don’t have to fly then don’t, if the “super-store does’nt carry your size, don’t shop there. Yes they are convienient, but if the people who buy the most food cannot get clothes to cover their asses and shop elswhere, somebody will start to get the message. If we would stand up for ourselves for a change or threaten to sit on someone now and then collectively. they would make room for us. everywhere including the so-called friendly skies. and hey make the peanut bags bigger huh.

    • It happens to a lot of people that they are physically active, become injured and the pounds pile up. But I would wish you didn’t consider being fat as “your fault”. It is just part of who you are, for whatever reason. And carrying so much weight around does indeed mean we’ve got some major muscle power going on. A friend once said, that if anyone wanted to try walking around as a super-size person, they should try picking up an engine block and taking a stroll!

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  9. Im in the same bpat. I bought 2 seats for my butt – but after calling they said they would not let me board with 2 seats under my 1 name. They made me cancel the second ticket which cost me $300 to do so. So now I’m left with 1 seat and they’ve made it so difficult for me to book a second that i give up. So I am just gonna show up with my 1 seat and see what happens. I mean, really, you want us to buy 2 seats and when i do it’s not right either. You just can’t win. I don’t understand why they haven’t figured this out – im sure we’re not the only fat people travelling. I do have a question for everyone: when sites tell you the seat measurement (ex. 17.5inch) is that from armrest to armrest or base? Because that makes a huge difference

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