OMG!!! Fat Cleavage

Can you stand it?  Lane Giant FINALLY does some ads with less-than-stick-thin women and the networks won’t run it — apparently because the women have “cleavage”.

Uh – so?  Since when is cleavage a deal breaker for TV? 

Networks don’t have a problem with the Victoria’s Secret ads for “the nakeds” – which the models are almost.  And how about Victoria’s Secret “Pink” ads – somehow I don’t think they are talking about the color of the clothes, you know. 

Networks don’t have a problem with ads about grooming a lady’s nether regions where the woman walks by small shrubbery (bushes — get it) which suddenly become better trimmed.

But cleavage — specifically FAT CLEAVAGE is a problem.


You can show everyone and anyone scampering around with just about everything showing, as long as it isn’t a fat body? 

So what do you think the issue really is —- that the networks think fat bodies are ugly?  Or that they are secretly disturbed to find that fat bodies can be kind of yummy? Hmmmmmm?

I hope Lane Bryant fights this and I hope lots of people let the networks know how much we appreciate them deciding they get to be the arbiters of beauty.


One thought on “OMG!!! Fat Cleavage

  1. I want to see more plus size models on T.V. However, I do not watch ABC or Fox network. The only show that I watch of the 2 networks is General Hospital and I watch it on Soap Net.

    Yes, a moncho guy like me watches daytime drama! I love Ashley Graham. It would be sweat revenge for her to land an acting role on General Hospital. I think we could start a writing campaign to get her an acting role on the show.

    She has star potential: she is beautiful, she has charisma, and she is easy on the eyes. It would great to have her on General Hospital that is ABC’s baby for almost 40 years. They certainly will not ban General Hospital. I have been watching General Hospital since I was a baby.

    I love Ashley Graham and I love General Hospital it is a no brainer. Lets convince the writers of the show to offer her an acting role or at least a walk on part.

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