Too Fat to Fight

I don’t know why the Brits are worried about our kids being too fat to fight —- oh wait, that’s right we have been called upon to pull Europe’s bacon out of the fire. 

BBC ( is reporting on American Generals who are calling on better school nutrition – NOT because it’s good for kids but because they are afraid our kids will be too fat to be in the military. 

Oh gee.  Too fat to be sent to a foreign land to kill or be killed. 

What a load.  Come on.  Military training is to make soldiers fit — right?  And being fat doesn’t make you less angry with the world.  Trust me on this one.  So you presumably would end up with big, fit, angry soldiers.  And the problem is?

I think everyone who wants to defend their country should be allowed to do so; and I have all the respect in the world for people who make that choice because God knows, it is not an easy life.

If fat people want to go into the military, the military should count themselves lucky to have them.  If the fat soldier cannot physically do what is necessary (after boot camp), then fine — discharge them; or find some non-combat job for them.  But don’t tell me every average size soldier is fit and ready to go before they go through boot camp. 

So once again, there is a group that wants to do something that is good for kids —- every kid — but apparently “good for kids” is not a good enough reason to do something; you have to scare people into it by blaming the fatties. 



2 thoughts on “Too Fat to Fight

  1. First off, will you Yankees stop it with the “We saved you wah wah how dare you say a single negative thing about us”. Stop being so damned arrogant.

    Secondly, BBC news reports global news. GLO-BAL. I know this is a difficult concept for you Merkins, but we actually acknowledge that there are OTHER COUNTRIES out there.

    Thirdly, Britain is nearly as obsessed with dieting and fat-shaming as the US itself. Your culture’s been nothing but a good influence, right?

    I’m sorry, but there’s just no need for the jingoism exhibited by your first paragraph. Please get over yourself forthwith.

    • I know. It was really rude. But then that’s what us ‘Mericans are known for.

      On the other hand — y’all weren’t saying anything rude about us. Our own generals were saying the rude stuff (which I believe I properly attributed).

      Seriously, I do apologize for the uncalled for jingoism. And I have heard that the UK is really rough on its fat folk. And the fat community needs to be global.

      So I am officially over myself – and I did think it was interesting that this story was in BBC rather than the US press.

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