Fat Kids Targeted by Bullies.

 Oooooh, there’s a real news flash. 

 A new study from University of Michigan (which makes sense, because I am from Michigan and let me tell you, it is the land of my people, my people) concluded:

 Conclusions Children who are obese are more likely to be bullied, regardless of a number of potential sociodemographic, social, and academic confounders. No protective factors were identified. Effective interventions to reduce bullying of obese children need to be identified.


 I’ll take “no shit” for $2,000 Mr. Trebek.

 A fat kid can be rich, smart, talented — all kinds of wonderful — but the fat kid is still going to be bullied because they are FAT. 

 Dr. Julie Lumeng (who heads the study), does seem to “get” the real problem.  She believes the findings were so consistent because prejudice against fat people is “so pervasive that it’s acceptable.”  And she adds, “Obesity is really complex.  It’s not all about willpower.  It’s a brain-based disorder.”

 Well, I don’t think my fat is a “disorder” of any kind.  I think my fat is just part of who I am naturally.  But that’s an argument for another day.

 And why are we spending all this money to research the obvious?  Why can’t we spend some of that money to fix the problem — and I mean working on educating people to eliminate (or at least drastically reduce) the prejudice against fat people?

 When will we see research on the bullies to find out WTF is wrong with them? 

 When will I have some happy news to blog about?


3 thoughts on “Fat Kids Targeted by Bullies.

  1. Eliminating prejudice & unfair treatment & bullying is vital, I believe that as both a fat person & a disabled person. But “brain-based disorder”?!! How about, “NOT a disorder, NOT a ‘problem’ to be solved”, “NOT a threat to anyone’s health”? How about, “At least 80% a natural, normal genetic variation in the size & shapes of people’s bodies, a trait even more heritable than height? But, no, GODS FORBID that even anyone who claims to believe that we should be treated better could accept that we are normal, fine, acceptable as we are, without also having to still believe that we have some (emotional/psychological/physical) problems which must be solved!

  2. So in a study about bullying there was a conclusion about the cause of obesity? (will read study when i have more sanity points)

    • I only read the abstract, and did not see a conclusion about the cause of obesity.

      The comment about brain disorder was in an article about the study where the head researcher was quoted.

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