Have you ever read Marilyn Wann’s book Fat!So?  Have you ever attended a NAAFA Convention and been so inspired by one of their speakers?  Do you follow the Fatosphere?

 Our world is full of fat heroes nowadays.  What a joy. 

 These are people who have made fat activism and fat acceptance part of their lives, sometimes even being able to earn a living doing it!  How cool is that?

 I really think it behooves fatties to find the resources that are now (finally) available and use those resources to educate yourself on fat issues, fat statistics (join ShowMeTheData or FatStudies on Yahoo); and how to fight back in the war on fatties.

 Surround yourself with reminders of these wonderful fat heroes; and try to emulate them. 

 I think we should all wear bracelets that say WWMWD (what would Marilyn Wann do) – feel free to substitute the initials of your own fat hero – maybe even your own, because any fatty who ever stands up for him or herself is a fat hero!


6 thoughts on “FAT HEROES – OR WWMWD

  1. My fat hero is a woman I work with. A lot of women in our workplace diet, and have big elaborate conversations about what they ate and how they’re so bad and it drives me crazy! Then I will go to a different department to work with my fat hero, and she will frequently make reference to how gorgeous she is, and eats freely without spending twenty minutes deliberating over it. She’s my hero.

  2. My fat heroine is a friend (300#) who once said to me, “No matter where I am or who I am with, I know that in any given group, there is a guy looking at me and I am just **IT** for him!”

    That rocked my world! I head out with that in mind everywhere I go, from the grocery store to a concert to the library, and feeling its truth buoys me to no end!

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