We had our company picnic this weekend at a public park.  Lot’s of fun people to hang with and good food – and picnic tables.  You know, the kind where the bench is attached to the table?


I understand why public parks have attached seats – otherwise people would walk off with the benches.  But these are, if not the ultimate close enough to, unfriendly fat seating.

Now I am actually flexible enough to get my legs under the table; but then my ENTIRE ass hangs off the seat, so I would balancing on my thighs.  Really not comfortable, and really not going to happen.  So I sat side saddle.  I hope next year I remember to bring my own lawn chair, and then I can simply sit at the end of a table. 

I wasn’t embarrassed; but it did catch me off guard.  Shouldn’t have.  This is not the first time our company has had its picnic at that park.  For some reason, this is the first time I really thought about just how rotten these kinds of picnic tables are for super-sized people to sit at.  And I didn’t exactly resent it; but I kind of did too.  Maybe I’m getting a little less tolerant of the thin-o-centric world in my old age.

So next year, I’ll take care of myself.  And I hope that if any of you are going on picnics be forewarned and prepared; then get out there and enjoy yourself.



  1. Huh. I hadn’t thought of that. I’d like to add that those tables are the enemy of those of us who wear skirts to picnics -shakes fist-

    Anyway, great post! That is something I will consider more in future.

  2. And then everyone on the other side stands up and the table tips over and you end up on your back. Yeah. It’s happened to me more times than I’d like to count.

    Down with picnic tables!

  3. Yes, definitely the bane of summer picnic season. Those things are like teeter totter seating. I’ve gone ass backwards off a couple of them and always remember to bring my folding chair with me now. I have occasionally run into a few of the permanent cement variety that are surprisingly comfy but they are very few and far between.

  4. A lecture hall at my university had seating where the chairs swing out from under the table, and they were super not fat friendly. I had class there once a week and always ended up playing the excuse-me-pardon-me game at least once each time. I’ve gotten better at not apologizing for my size, but damn was it hard there.

  5. I find they’re the enemy of my fat boobs. The seats are so close to the table that I am up against the table edge, which puts my boobs over the table itself. I lose a good 6-8 inches of table space!!

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