There are no bad fatties

For so many years, I have gone back and forth on whether I’m a good fatty or a bad fatty.

You know, the good fatty has perfect health, is fabulously nimble and flexible, is never out of breath, and never ever eats in an unhealthy fashion.

It makes me sad to think of all the guilt and unhappiness I created in my own life chasing after the impossible dream of being a good fatty.  I mean, if I have to be a fatty, at least, I should be a good fatty!  What a waste of time and energy.

I’ve come to understand there is no such thing as a “good” fatty.  Just as there is no such thing as a “bad” fatty.

There are just fat people.  And people are not perfect.  Ever.  No matter what size they are.

Fat people are just like all other sizes of people – our state of health varies; our physical condition varies; and what and how much we eat at different times varies.  The main difference is that if you’re a fatty, some people think they get to make judgments about your health, character and intelligence based on your size.

How dare ANYONE think they can decide my worth as a human being or my right to simply exist?  And what does that say about the kind of person who would be willing to make that kind of a decision about someone else?

 So let’s hear it for fatties!  ALL fatties.


4 thoughts on “There are no bad fatties

  1. There ARE no bad fatties, there is no one way of living, eating, exercising, or whatever, which is guaranteed to bring perfect health or long life, there are no ‘bad foods which will kill us if we eat them’….unless of course they are spoiled or we are violently allergic to them, there is no way to turn a naturally fat person into a naturally & permanently thin one, & there is nothing wrong with how we choose to live. Also, whether we eat carrot sticks & dry chicken or a hot fudge sundae, our bodies belong to us & HOW live in them is no one’s business but our own. I went through years of living to be the ‘perfect fatty’, of bragging about how healthily I lived, of alienating & hurting good people on a fat BBS where I posted, participating in talk about my exercise & eating habits, my ‘perfect’ health numbers, etc. No more. We are all good fatties, & we all deserve respect, dignity, access, & the same rights as anyone else because we are human beings. That is is ONLY thing we need to prove in order to deserve equal rights & equal treatment, that we are human beings.

  2. I do this too. I am trying to live for myself and not care about what others would think; and the only reason to consciously be a “good” fatty is so you can tell people “well, I eat x and exercise y hours per week, and I’m still fat.” But it’s hard to get away from that feeling, no only that one needs to be “good” so that others might hate a little less, but also to prove to oneself that even if I ate carrot sticks all day I would still be fat. Since I just ate a big wad of chocolate, maybe I’m fatter than I *could* be. Maybe if I ate better, I would be not thin, but thinner. That’s the thinking. It’s much more nuanced than fat=bad, but seems to come from a closer place than I would like.

  3. eating healthy = > not eating healthy regardless of size.

    being fit = > not being fit regardless of size

    if u dont take care of your health, your letting the haters win.

    • It is true that you can’t tell by looking at someone’s size whether they make healthy foor choices or are fit.

      Of course, the term “eating healthy” can mean a lot of different things for different people. To me that term’s meaning can be as varied as individuals are.

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