Huge – Revisited

Okay.  I watched episodes 2 and 3 on Hulu.  And I am now revising my opinion of this show.  It’s better than I thought. 

The end of the first episode was very upsetting to me, when it looked like Will (the Nickky Blonsky character) had drunk the koolaid and was going to “get with the program” at the fat camp.  She even asked Amber (one of the characters) for a toothpick to chew on to assuage hunger. 

HOWEVER, episodes 2 and 3 had Will back on the front lines of fat acceptance (putting up pictures of fat art and saying it was for “fatspiration” – in answer to Amber’s model pics for “thinspiration”).  The focus seems to have moved from weight loss to the issues of being fat, being a fat adolescent, and being an adolescent.  Plus a focus on the woman who runs the camp, who was once supposedly a fat child at the camp, and still has lots of issues with herself, food and life in general (excellent – showing that losing weight doesn’t solve everything).

I don’t have a problem watching some of the characters at a fat camp worry about weight.  That’s to be expected.  I do like seeing the characters react to Will – positively and negatively.

So for now, I am watching the show and enjoying it.  My optimism is guarded because I heard that the book the show is based on is very fat unfriendly.  So we’ll have to wait and see if the show stays on its current course or if it eventually takes a dive.


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