I’ve probably mentioned this before, but it bears repeating (I’ll be brief). While the data show that dieting is unhealthy, and I don’t want diet talk here, I am against personally attacking dieters or thin people. I bring it up because Drew Carey lost some weight, and I’ve been reading some criticism about his appearance. I won’t do that and dislike it when others do, if nothing else because it makes fat activists look bad. OK bye!


3 thoughts on “Dieters

  1. I read that Drew had lost weight and at least he was honest about why he did it, “sick of being fat,” as opposed to hemming and hawing about “eating healthier” and “making little changes here and there, food wise.” He looked good fat, and he looks good thin.

  2. Yup. There are plenty substantive arguments to use in criticizing Drew Carey, et al., without engaging in precisely the sort of appearance-based hate speech that we’re supposed to be fighting.

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