NAAFA Convention (Pt 1) – Was it worth it?

This past weekend was NAAFA’s annual convention. 

I love seeing friends from across the nation.  And I like being able to shop for unique clothing that I won’t see on every other fattie (like stuff from Lane Giant). 

Best of all, I love seeing fatties who love themselves (and those who love them back), fatties who feel good about themselves, and people who care about improving life for all fatties. 

I didn’t find a lot in the programming for me, and that is because I choose to avoid (for my own reasons) anything where NAAFA says they are soliciting opinion or assistance.  But what I did find was very very good.  And kudos to NAAFA for putting forth a couple of specific projects for membership involvement.  I will be interested to see what comes to fruition.

So yes, for me, it was worth it.  I think the NAAFA Convention is an opportunity no one who is ready for fat acceptance should miss.


3 thoughts on “NAAFA Convention (Pt 1) – Was it worth it?

  1. I will always fondly remember my first NAAFA convention. It was just so wonderful to live for 5 days in a world where my size (and every one else’s) was just right. I don’t always agree with NAAFA, but they do conventions very, very well.

  2. Being a glutton for punishment, I probably would have gone to the policy-related workshops just to see what the board is up to. I used to go to board meetings when they had them at the convention.

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