NAAFA Convention – Part 2 – Fundraising Change

The NAAFA Board says the convention is no longer it’s major source for fundraising.  And at the NAAFA Convention this year, there was no big push for pledges.  (However, there was a form in the back of the program to fill out for pledges.)  They do still sell the raffle tickets and do the auction, of course.

I hope this is not a mistake on NAAFA’s part.  I find it very convenient to just fill out the paperwork and get that done at the convention; and it’s a good time to hit folks up for money when they are all basking in good feelings for the cause. 

Also at the general meeting, it was said that NAAFA was doing better making requests based on specific needs.  I know that Bill and I have never been contacted with such requests (and no, I’m not asking to be contacted), maybe because we were already doing the monthly pledge thing.

I do know that nothing pisses us off more than making donations to a group; and then they come back, over and over again, wanting more and more money.  We GAVE already. 

On the plus side, you can make donations at NAAFA’s website, and it is set up so you can get your donation receipt (which you need for the IRS).  That is a definite improvement; and maybe it is one reason for not asking for the pledges — saving time and paperwork for NAAFA.


One thought on “NAAFA Convention – Part 2 – Fundraising Change

  1. They had two separate raffles (three if you count the one based on 2009 pledges), so they were working the room. Honestly, I think they just forgot.

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