Where is NAAFA Going? – Convention Pt 3

Before anyone freaks – the following is just my musings — NAAFA has not made any announcements, or any indication that this may be NAAFA’s future — again, just my thoughts and concerns!

Since the NAAFA Board says that the convention is no longer its major fundraiser and given the small size of this year’s convention, I have to wonder if this means NAAFA is moving away from having the convention (which I am sure is a major expense), or changing the social nature of the convention. 

 NAAFA appears to be moving toward being more of a political animal, and that is something that the fat community needs. 

 NAAFA also is moving to where all of its membership contact (except the Convention) is online.  If you don’t have a computer or have access to one, you are pretty much cut off.  As far as I can tell, NAAFA no longer sends out membership cards and NAAFA no longer does a print version of the Newsletter. 

 I understand the economics of this; but I find it a bit sad nonetheless.  Must be the Luddite in me.

So I have to wonder will there be a place for the fat-acceptance newbie to go and get some face-to-face enlightenment?  This is something that NAAFA always excelled at; and what was, to me, the most important part of the conventions.

Guess time will tell; but I hope that NAAFA will be there for many future generations of fat-accepters and fat-activists.


3 thoughts on “Where is NAAFA Going? – Convention Pt 3

  1. Hi, Tantiterri, Yes, it’s true, we are moving into the computer age, but that doesn’t mean we are giving up our conventions. The “face to face enlightenment” as you write, is important to building committed activists and supporters. And, it’s important to the health of everyone, myself included. I’ve been attending convenetions for over 10 years, not nearly as long as many members, but this past one was the best ever, personally. I consider the members of NAAFA from as far away as Australia and Dubai, to folks down the street from me to be not only colleagues, but good friend. Naafa is a place where I can go for support, and offer support to others. My posting is not an “official Naafa position” but it is my understanding of what’s going on a Naafa, and with me.
    Keep up the good work
    I wish we could mail out newsletters, but it is too expensive and we really don’t have anyone that can do it any more.
    I am hoping that new members who don’t have computers can go to their local library and “sign up.”

    • Except that it didn’t cost NAAFA anything (except a donation letter) to mail out the newsletters; and as far as I know, no one has asked any one to take on that task.

    • Did anyone ever send out queries to those on the postal mailing list as to whether they have computer access? I imagine a lot of people do by now, so that the number of hard copies which would have to be sent might not be that large a fraction of the membership.

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