Why did nobody tell me about Drop Dead Diva?  Okay, okay.  Some of you may have mentioned it, but somehow the message did not get through that this is a pretty terrific fat positive show.  OMG.

 We are playing catch up on episodes using NetFlix, and so far every episode has been a gem, dealing with one or another important fat topic. 

 If like me, you were oblivious to this show, the premise is that a beautiful blonde 24 year old wanna-be-model dies and comes back in the body of a beautiful fat lawyer.  Hilarity ensues.  Okay.  Maybe not hilarity (although some of it is pretty funny) but it is so interesting to see this once-thin persona deal with life in a fat body and discover how not fun it is, but also learn that a person can be all manner of wonderful things in a fat body.

 The one really fictional part of it (maybe even more so than her guardian angel) is her fat friendly doctor.  Yeah right, like those exist.  But the episode where she talks to her doctor about fad diets is amazing.  We ALL want that doctor!

 If you haven’t seen it, give it a try.  I think you will be pleased.


5 thoughts on “THE SHOW FOR FATTIES – Drop Dead Diva

  1. I loved the first season of DDD. This season, however, lost me pretty terribly. I could tell you the exact episode, but I don’t want to ruin it. It kind of seems like the writers don’t know what they’re doing anymore. I wonder if “Huge” stole their writers!
    On a different note–I was watching the Emmy’s opening song & dance bit and there were people of size in it! OMG! Jorge Garcia and I think it was Amber Riley too. Woo hoo!

    • Yeah. I loved the opening number in the Emmys; and was thrilled to see fat folks up there shaking what their mamas’ gave them! Yeah!

      Thanks for not spoiling DDD. I’ll be interested to see if I can recognize where the trouble starts; because so far I’m very impressed. And I’ve found the DDD episodes more on-point with fat issues, where a lot of Huge is about people issues rather than fat issues.

  2. I love DDD, especially the dreams. Brooke Elliot has an amazing voice. I don’t know if we have the same problem with it as you do Jackie, but there is a part I have a problem with. But it’s not with her weight. In fact, I like that they don’t talk up her weight so much. It’s not an issue to her. Maybe she did “get” over it quickly, but I like that she sees herself as fabulous and the stories have moved on from her body image to the CotW (Case of the Week).

    As for HAES doctors, although my doctor probably hasn’t read the book, she’s got HAES in her soul nevertheless! She’s never pressured me to lose weight, always supported my wanting to lose weight in a “healthy” way or to work on being more healthy (eating better, going to the gym), but never pushed it. I will admit I found her by accident, but still, she’s the most awesome doctor EVAH! I tell her that everytime I see her! So they are out there, they just are the needle in the haystack!

    • You are very lucky to have a doctor you like and trust and who is not about the numbers on the scale. They do exist. At the NAAFA Convention this year there was a workshop by a doctor who is new to HAES and who brought a lot of good scientific information on how doctors KNOW that it isn’t about the numbers on the scale.

  3. What I wish DDD did was have a “where to get the look” breakdown on online. I love love love some of her dresses, but have no idea where they come from. Granted I’m around 4x-5x so I might not be able to get them in my size, but I’d still love to know.

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