Fatties and Hot Weather

Does any fatty like hot weather?  I suppose there must be some, but I am NOT one of them.  We live in Northern California, and our temps are generally really mild – which is why we don’t have air conditioning. 

HOWEVER, there are always a few days a year when it gets HOT. 

So what is a fatty to do?  Besides sweat, I mean.

What do I do?  I keep hydrated – with COLD fluids and popsicles.  I keep the air moving with fans.  I try to keep the house as cool as possible (by closing windows and shades before the house has a chance to heat up).  I put off strenuous chores until it is cooler or do them in the morning before it heats up.  If I have to I take a cool shower.  And I sweat (no I do not glow, anything over 100˚ causes sweat not glow).

I grew up in Michigan – natural home of the fatties.  Why do you think it is the only State that includes weight as a protected class?  It can get hot and humid in Michigan in the summer (but then we have all those lovely lakes to soak in), but the rest of the year, being fat means you don’t have to dig out that winter coat right away, and you can keep the thermostat a bit lower. 

How do people who live where it is almost always hot do it?  Why would you live in such a place?  These are mysteries to me. 

So how about it?  Do you live in a warmer clime?  If so, how do you deal with the heat?  Or do you actually enjoy it?


18 thoughts on “Fatties and Hot Weather

  1. I LOVE summer! I honestly don’t know what to do with myself in winter – I become a moody mess with scaly dry skin. I live in Sydney (born and bred by the beach); summers are hot and humid and the sun can be ferocious.

    I spend a lot of time swimming at the beach, I drink a lot of cold water, I have a box of icy poles in the freezer, I keep curtains and windows closed in the middle of the day and – just in case I’m somewhere without air conditioning – I carry a folding fan in my bag all summer. When it’s VERY hot (ie. over 40C/100F), I stay indoors in the middle of the day. It’s just not worth the sunburn.

  2. Cold water has no cooling effect other than feeling cool going down – in fact, your body works to warm it up and it can raise your temperature. I don’t have the link handy but Lifehacker covered this last summer.

    Tips, from a fatty from the south, living in the SF bay area missing Seattle:
    Open up the house after midnight/before dawn. Close it back up around 9 am when it starts to warm up outside. The air inside will generally stay cooler than outside.
    Look up evaporative cooling.
    Eat spicy food (no joke.) There’s a reason most spicy food is from hot places on the globe.
    Ditch all synthetic fibers – cotton wicks and breathes!
    Spread aloe on your skin and stand in front of a fan rather than take a shower – you aren’t drying out your skin or wasting water this way.
    Keep hydrated.
    Headache? You may need salt – the body needs it for hot weather coping.

    • I don’t know about the science if it, but I almost always end up feeling cold after I drink very cold water. Maybe it’s quantity or drinking it too quickly? I always thought it was normal.

  3. I live in DFW Texas. =c/ We just got done with almost 30 straight days of triple-digit heat, and are still experiencing highs of 90 with heat indexes in the triple digits some days. To top it off, I came within a hairs breadth of heat stroke in my late teens (when I was in the Air Force) and have never sweat like I am “supposed” to since. I get through the dog days of summer by staying indoors as much as possible, keeping myself hydrated, and spending plenty of time in my pool if the UV index isn’t ridiculous.

    We only cool the house to 20 degrees below outdoor temps, which actually helps to keep me somewhat acclimated to the warmer weather, with the added bonus of keeping our electric bills a little lower.

    I guess it’s all in what you are used to. LOL

  4. I have never lived further than a hundred miles from the SF Bay. I have been thin in this weather, and I have been fat here. Frankly I don’t notice a big difference between the way I dealt with it when I was thin and how I deal with it now that I’m fat. I just plain hate extremes in weather. That’s why I always want to live right where I am. There are a few days out of the year when it gets HOT, and few when it gets cold, and once every seven to ten years, there’s a small snow flurry somewhere within a hundred mile radius. It usually lasts a few minutes and melts within a couple hours.

    But fat or thin I always dealt with the hot weather much the way you’re doing. That and I curse the cat for wanting to suddenly give back the heat he sucked from my body in the cold weather.

  5. I live in Maryland and this summer has been brutal when it comes to heat. It’s been hot the last few days but supposed to get cooler thanks to Hurricane Earl that’s going to pass by us tomorrow. I sweat like nobody’s business so the heat and I are not friends. Even worse is when it’s coupled with oppressing humidity, and when you live near water, you will always get it.

    I come from a family of sweaters so even if I was thin, it would still be pouring out of me.

  6. I would think that the natural home of fatties would be someplace where it doesn’t get too hot, in which case Michigan’s no better than Northern California (worse, actually, because it’s humid in Michigan). St. Croix (US Virgin Islands) probably has the best weather in the United States: mild all year round. I’d live in St. Croix in a minute if I had family there.

  7. Actually, that’s a point. My brother and I sweat a lot – he’s very muscular and I’m chubby. So I’d still be pouring out sweating if I was a different size.

    A packet of tissues for blotting and a folding fan are my saviours.

  8. I was born and raised in Florida. I don’t care for the heat, but I think it affects me less than my friends from cooler places. (Which is not to say I don’t sweat and get thirsty when I’m out in it.)

  9. Though fat, I get cold VERY easily, so I make it through the sweaty heat by enjoying the fact that I’m not cold! I’ll take heat and humidity over that any day.

    On a more practical level, this summer I found the joys of boy short underwear. No chafing! And Zeasorb AF powder under the breasts and belly helps keep sweat rashes to a minimum.

  10. I’m in Houston, where it’s hot and humid at least six months out of the year. I deal with it by staying inside with the AC blasting. I have the thermostat set at 68 degrees right now. It costs a bloody fortune, but it’s SO worth it!

  11. I lived in Florida for 10 years, and now live in Ohio, but without air conditioning. I hate the heat, it makes me feel sick to the point that I can barely function. I just drink a lot of water and try to move as little as possible.

    Being fat doesn’t help me during the winter. I still have to layer up in hoodies, coats, gloves, and a scarf to be only slightly cold.

  12. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, and I LOVE IT. We had a few 90+(F) degree days this summer and they sucked. It’s getting below freezing at night and I can’t wait for 15 below zero; and I want snow too. Long walks and X-country skiing and skijoring. Anything above 65 and I’m miserable unless I’m naked.

  13. I live in Arizona.

    I can’t recommend the experience.

    It’s hard to cope with the heat. You can’t ever get used to it, but you learn how to shut it out a little bit, how to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, carrying umbrellas for portable shade (Shade makes a lot of difference!).

  14. Hi

    I sweated like a bull today even the COSTCO underground parking was hot and muggy. Here in Connecticut I hate the period between Winter and Summer where I can see the steam coming off my body on some days 🙂

  15. I live in southern Arizona- we can have *months* on end where the temps are 110 or more. Its hot, I’ll admit that, but I’ve grown up with it, so it just seems normal. During the summer, I wear as little as possible, and keep hydrated! I also carry around a hankerchief that I get wet and put on my face, or neck when I feel like Im in an oven- it helps!

  16. I live in Brisbane, Australia, which is the sub-tropics. I HATE the heat. Always have. I’ve discovered my favourite method of coping with it… fly to the US in November and stay there for 3 months!!

    I don’t sweat all that much, maybe that’s why I don’t cope so well in the heat?

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