Why Fatties Don’t Exercise

Well, in the first place, just like average people – some fatties do exercise, and some don’t.  And some fatties want to exercise, and don’t.  Why?  Well, let me tell you…

Face it, society does not make it easy (or pleasant) for fatties to exercise.

Health/fitness clubs are often not fat friendly.  The staff may not know how to adjust routines to accommodate the fat body.  Fat folks are often exposed to rude behavior by staff and/or other members. 

The fatty who just wants to take a walk or bike ride, must deal with the oh-so-not-witty comments of passers-by. 

Proper exercise-friendly clothing is often not available in our size.  When it is, it is often prohibitively expensive.

Also we have had a lifetime of having exercise shoved down our throats – for our own “good”.  For the most part, exercise has been forced on us like a punishment, instead of as something fun. 

So no wonder a lot of us (me included) hate exercise. 

And for all those folks out there who are so concerned about our “health”, think about that the next time you’re somewhere and see a fat person dancing, or at the beach, or just out getting some movement – think about how much it takes for a fat person just to put themselves out there in the first place.


9 thoughts on “Why Fatties Don’t Exercise

  1. This only needs to be reposted everywhere about a hundred times.

    I’ve actually been physically attacked for exercising while fat — had a glass bottle chucked into my head while riding my bike several years back. All the while the jerk who did it was chanting grade school playground level fat insults, and his parting shot as he drove off while I lay there bleeding on the sidewalk was that if I wasn’t such a cow, I could have dodged.

    Yeah. That filled me with just OODLES of desire to get out there and exercise. Especially when, after getting my head cleaned and stitched, I’m waiting for my ride and one of the nurses who had been helping the doctor treat me kindly took the time out of her day to tell me that really, if I’d just try to lose a little weight I wouldn’t be making myself a target for this kind of thing. Then she handed me some brochures on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and lap band surgery.

    Sure, that level of awful isn’t common. But it’s the end result of the entire pattern of people thinking it’s ok, even beneficial, to treat fat people like subhuman piles of garbage because it’ll motivate us to become “healthy”.

    But I’m sure that there are more assaults like mine than ever get reported. And I’m equally sure that they’ll become more common the longer it is considered acceptable to bully fat people.

  2. The fact that it’s SO DAMN HARD to find workout clothes drives me crazy! And recently I was on the Dorothy Perkins website, and I realized that, while every other item of clothing extends to a UK22, the exercisie gear only goes up to UK18. I sent them a somewhat angry letter asking if they were just out of the higher sizes (didn’t seem likely to me), and have not heard back from them. Well, I won’t be shopping there any more.

  3. There are a lot of fat people at my gym (Lifetime Fitness) and they work out just as hard as the rest of us. I’m not talking chubby or overweight either. No one bothers them.

    • Which is great and all for you and your gym Maria… but not all of us go to that gym, and not all gyms are that way. In most parts of the United States you are basically asking to get hassled setting foot into a gym. There was even one in a city not far from me whose entire ad campaign at one point was centered on abusing fat people!

  4. My biggest hurdle was the belief that I had to be thin to be fit, and since I’d never be thin, I might as well not try to get fit. I got over that. Right now my biggest hurdle is sluggishness, which I think is endemic to a lot of people, fat or thin.

  5. @Maria, interesting about Lifetime Fitness — one of my worst gym experiences was durng a tour of Lifetime. When we walked by a spinning room, I was told by my woman tour guide, a receptionist, that the bikes only accommodate riders under 250 pounds, so I should lose weight before trying it. (I was 20-30 pounds under that weight, but was too mortified to try to “defend” myself.) Then I met the guy who was recruiting to sell individualized training packages to new members, and in our “health consultation” he suggested that I should delay activating my membership until I had lost some initial weight, because no doctor would approve of me working out at my current weight. When I said my doctor thoroughly approved of my current routine of 60 mins on elliptical 4x/week and 60 mins of weight training 3x/week, he sighed….and said the first step to being fit was being honest with onesself about eating and exercise. I was like, ‘Huhh?…” and then I realized that he was saying that I must be lying about my activity habits. I told him I needed to go and would think about personal training, knowing I would never be back. What pisses me off now that I am more assertive is that I didn’t say, “You know, you smug bastard, you just lost a good customer. I have half a mind to become a member just so you could see me work out every day and know what an asshole you are, but I can’t make myself spend a dollar on this horrible business.” It still cheeses me to this day that he probably thought to himself that I didn’t come back because I wasn’t ready to be honest with myself.

    On a more positive note, after 35 years of hating exercise, I finally found some that I love a few years ago — I adore yoga. It has changed my life. And I love, love, love mountain biking. I have never been so fit in my life. For the most part, at my current size (about a 24 in US sizes, 260-280 pounds give or take a few) I have been very welcomed and accepted in yoga classes and on bike trails. But finding proper clothing for both has been a HUGE challenge.

    One of my current career dreams is to go back to school and become a middle school phys ed teacher, and teach yoga and *real* fitness — gym class did more to make me hate exercise and moving my body than anything. But the sad thing is, no matter how fit I am, I would probably never be hired as a gym teacher at my current shape. And that makes me sad, knowing how many fat kids lives would be changed for the better if they got to see a fat, fit role model every day.

  6. The one I particularly loathe is the “Good on you! That weight will just come right off if you keep on going!”

    Umm… I’ve been fat for 27 years. I’ve exercised all of those 27 years. The fat is still here!

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