A bra that fits.

 It is the holy grail for fat women. 

 Why is it soooooooo hard to find a bra that fits?  Do average sized women have these troubles?  I can do math.  I can follow instructions.  Therefore, I should be able to compute my correct bra size. 

 Except there are several different ways to compute your bra size.  Some say, you measure right under the breast for the band-size; some say take that measurement and add 1″ or 2″ or something else if the number is odd or even.  Then you measure around your breasts at the fullest part —- well, what do you do when the fullest part is substantially lower than where you want it to be?  Are you supposed to strap those babies in with the tape measure to hold them in place?  Do you really want a bra that will fit you like a tape measure wound so tight it can hold your boobs up?  And if the tape measure works, why not just use a couple of those? 

 Oh and by the way, the norm is that your breasts aren’t a matched set – they will usually be two different sizes.  I even got measured by a so-called expert at a Bash.  Uh-huh.  I bought two quite expensive bras, and they don’t fit any better than my usual bras.  Plus they are back-hook which I hate. 

 And should you find a bra that actually fits, chances are it will be a style that your great grandma would have been proud to sport.  Coverage almost to the adam’s apple (if we had one, which we don’t because we’re women) – so much for showing any cleavage.  Speaking of which, does anybody really want “lift and separate”?  I can understand lift alright, but separate?  No I want these babies making beautiful cleavage together!

 My current solution is to wear the Lane Giant Only Necessities bra-tank tops with the shelf bra built in.  They’re comfortable and they even have some strap adjustment available – and it’s just one “shelf” to hold your boobs up – no need to force them into cups.  I get them a couple sizes smaller than my top size, so they are tight enough to offer some support.  In fact, I got the “surplice” style (on clearance, y’all) and I LOVE those!  My boobs are up where they can have a nice view of the world, and the vee-neck gives me enough cleavage so the world gets a nice view of my boobs!  Win-win. 

 But much as I love them, a t-shirt tank is not going to work under a lot of clothing.

 So, the hunt continues, as my bra drawer fills up with bras I hate – bitter with unfulfilled dreams of support, comfort and lace. 

 All I want is a bra that fits, is that so much to ask?



  1. I like “lift and separate.” It keeps my boobs from being all squooshed together and making uncomfortable boob sweat. Unless I’m being sexy, when I want cleavage.

    I recommend bra shopping online. It’s a pain not to be able to try them on before buying, but it’s worth it because you can get bras that actually fit. My bra size is too big for Lane Giant so it’s pretty much my best option. I like http://www.barenecessities.com.

  2. It’s not too much to ask. At all.

    After Lane Bryant stopped carrying my size in-store, I saved some money and made the three-hour trip to Chicago with a friend and went to the Intimacy store to get fitted.

    Not a *word* was said or implied about my size. And I’m not, as it turns out, a 46DDD. I’m a 42G.

    I bought three bras, which was a chunk of change, I won’t lie, but my back doesn’t hurt, my cleavage is where I want it, and my bras are lovely. Now that I know my size, I can save up and order others online.

    So if there’s an Intimacy where you live, I highly recommend them!

  3. When Goddess quit making the bra I wore all the time, I quit looking for bras that fit. I can’t afford to buy bras that don’t fit properly, because I won’t wear them, and I hate having to pay shipping to send them back when I’ve ordered them online (can’t afford that either). The problem I ran into is that no matter what size I order, if it isn’t the one style of Goddess (that’s been discontinued), bras just don’t fit me. I normally wear a 52H (Goddess discontinued), but the ones I ordered from Lane Bryant in a 52H were miles too big. The same style in a 50G was too small. Other styles in everything from 48G to 54H were either too big or too small and there was no way to predict which ones were going to be too big or too small – I had a 54H that I could have sworn it was 46DDD, it was that small on me.
    I can sew, and have been making my own clothes off and on for the last 40 years, so I’m going to tackle making my own bras. I took one of my Goddess bras apart and am using it for a pattern (I’m recycling my old swimsuit as bra fabric to see if the pattern works). If the pattern works, and the swimsuit lycra works, I’ll be making my own bras from now on – I can tweak the pattern for and design changes I want to make and can buy different colors and prints in fabric so that I don’t have to be stuck with basic white, black, and beige.

  4. And the cup size, just drives me nuts! Why can’t they standardize? Some go D, DD, DDD, E – others D, DD, E – then there’s D, DD, DDD, G, H and IMO the best, D, E, F, G. I’ve seen other variations as well. No amount of measuring is going to do you a damn bit of good if the progression of sizes doesn’t make sense.

    Also, I do believe average sized women also have many of these problems. The whole bra industry needs to be tossed out and re-started with actual bodies in mind, not rigid mannequins.

  5. I do think it’s not always easy for our straight sized sisters to find a good bra either, but unfortunatley I think it’s worse for us. The only place in Norway that sells bras my size are speciality shops. These are massively expensive, and even there they usually have *one* style in the colors I am so tired of I could cry; white, black, beige, nude. And *of course* it’s a “lift and separate” kind of thing, which I have grown to hate, because a) it just looks weird with breasts wider than my ribcage, and b) it’s, as I said, the only style available.
    Reading vesta44’s comment though, I feel grateful I can at least find something online that does the trick.

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  7. Everyone seems to have fit issues with everything!
    I thought I was nuts untiil I spoke to people with opposite shapes…
    One plus-size friend complains of the scary ” burlap sack” fit.

    with manufactured bras, they seem designed for round breasts sitting only on the front of the body, not extending out the the side. That ‘clever’ push up padding inside the outer border of the cup? It only crushes actual boob.

    Breasts are also asymetrical and change with the menstral cycle.

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