Think About What You’re Telling Yourself.

 I’m so tired.

 Seems that thought comes to my mind all the time.  And yet, sometimes when I stop and think about it, I realize it’s not true.  I’m not tired.  Maybe I’m bored, or depressed, or not feeling well.  But I’m not tired.  But if I tell myself that often enough, I start to believe I am always tired.

 I also hate housework.  And yes, this is true.  But I like having a clean(er) house.  But I am sure that my constantly telling myself how much I hate housework gets in the way of doing housework.

 How does this all apply to size acceptance?  How many times do you tell yourself, “I’m so fat,”  and you don’t mean it in a good way?  How different would you feel if instead of every time you thought, “I’m so fat” you thought, “I’m so beautiful”, “I’m so special”, I’m so fat (in a totally wonderful way)”? 

 If we keep telling ourselves negative things, those things become self-fulfilling prophecies. 

 Now I am the first to tell you I LOVE to bitch and moan.  But I need to be careful not to let my bitching and moaning become self-fulfilling prophecy.  I need to stop every now and then and think about what I’m telling myself; and maybe try to change that tape in your head to something that is not hurting myself.


7 thoughts on “Think About What You’re Telling Yourself.

  1. Very good post. We especially need to learn to speak of our bodies, our fat, & (a very personal one for me) in positive, loving, accepting terms. I am also reminded by a comment that I read recently on a blog that those of us who are fat have to learn to feel at home in the bodies we have as they are & accept, truly BELIEVE, that our sizes & shapes are normal & natural for us, a part of us, not a ‘condition’, as in some illness or medical problem which is wrong & needs to be corrected. We are fat & beautiful & wonderful.

    I also am not overly fond of housework & much of it is physically difficult & exhausting for me. I am more obsessive about some things than others & overall fairly casual. My house is liveable, but not spotless, & I am also okay with that. I have never wanted my epitaph to be “She always kept a spotless house” any more than I want it to be “She always stayed thin.”

  2. Awesome post! I often think about this concept a lot. I use to tell myself negative things without even realizing or meaning to and then it made me feel negative go figure! However when I slowly began to realize this I slowly began to stop making these negative comments and instead focussed on more positive things. Magically I started to have a better outlook on my body, school, and life. It really does matter what you think and tell yourself!

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