Whaliam Discovers Tumblr!

Yes, I know that I’m very late to this particular party.  But what a party!  The idea that the fat human body can be beautiful is catching on with more people, and the tumblr feeds (is that even the right term) below are the evidence.  What I like the most about these is that — except for bigfatdeal, which highlights fat-positive artwork, which itself is very cool — the tumblrs show photo self-portraits.  People are showing off their big bodies rather than hiding them!  So, click and enjoy!


Do you folks know of any others I should check out?

Update, 3/16/2011: I added some of these (including some from the comments) to our blogroll.  (I didn’t add FYCG due to the diet talk.)

Update, 3/19/2011: FYI, not all the people on FYCF are fat or even chubby: http://therotund.tumblr.com/post/3961569509/dear-fuckyeahchubbyfashion


10 thoughts on “Whaliam Discovers Tumblr!

  1. I was a little disenheartened to find some diet talk on the links; but even though these folks are still dieting, they have enough self-acceptance to post their fat pictures, and I admire that. As Whaliam points out, this may be the first step on the road to self-acceptance (and leaving dieting behind) for some of these beautiful people. And pictures and artwork are amazing.

    • That’s a good point, Terri. People should be warned that there are still posts with words about losing weight “just for health” but “I’ll always be chubby”. (And I’m not nuts about the word “chubby” when applied as broadly as on these feeds, although that’s a quibble.)

      I see these as places on the road to self acceptance, but not the end point. And that’s a good thing; they help a lot of people.

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