Really? I Mean, Really?????

There is another study out about fat people, and like a lot of studies, it is mostly number crunching.  And here’s the thing about number crunching – you can pretty much manipulate them to say anything you want – even something that makes a fat person say, WTF?

This study claims that fat people don’t know they’re fat. 

 But wait ’til you hear the reason … fat people don’t know they are fat because doctors don’t tell them they are fat. 

 And what color do you think the sky is on this planet where a fat person goes to the doctor and the doctor ignores the fat person’s weight?  And how can I get a ticket to that planet next time I have a sore throat?

So these researchers think doctors need to be urged to tell their fat patients that they are fat and need to lose weight.  Because then the poor stupid fat person will realize, OMG, I’m fat.  And that fat person will then mend their (presumably) unhealthy ways. 

And even if the fat person already knew that they are fat, they must not realize that this is a problem – somebody else’s problem, but a problem nonetheless. 

And the conclusion from the study was: 

Conclusion  Among patients who were overweight or obese, patient reports of being told by a physician that they were overweight were associated with more realistic perceptions of the patients’ own weight, desire to lose weight, and recent attempts to lose weight.

In other words, it’s a good thing if your doctor makes you feel bad about your weight (regardless of your actual health) because then they assume you will want to lose weight and will try to lose weight.  Even though the doctor should know that long term weight loss is almost impossible to achieve.  And then just think how helpful it will be when that doctor continues to harangue you about weight when you fail to achieve the impossible. 



10 thoughts on “Really? I Mean, Really?????

  1. It’s like they imagine attempting to lose weight is a positive health outcome in of itself. In reality, attempting to lose weight is more likely to cause harm (odds are it’ll result in the patient ending up heavier, with added metabolic problems), but they’re acting as if thinking you’re too fat and attempting to diet equals better health. Otherwise, why would they be pushing “The patient now sees themselves as fat, wants to be thinner, and will attempt to do so” as a good outcome without looking at how that impacts health? You’d think they’d at least ask “Will this lead to depression, crash dieting, or other unhealthy outcomes?” But when “Stop the fatties!” comes in, out goes common sense.

  2. I think the key is “overweight and obese” which as we know is BMI of 25 and above.

    A lot of those people may well have been slimmer at some point, but even if they weren’t, with ‘headless fatz’ making up the overwhelming imagery used to illustrate ‘obesity’ they are not going to identify with that.

    They are the ones who tend to need to be informed of their ‘medically constructed status and yes I daresay that makes them feel like they should lose weight. That is written by their own adherence to the rule that fat people should be concerned about their weight and need to diet.

    • Except the people who are in this group actually statistically have longer longevity than their slimmer counterparts. So the doctor would not be helping that person, but rather pointing them in a direction that statistically would mean a shorter life.

  3. Brilliant…absolutely brilliant. And people get paid MONEY to come up with this stuff?!!! Must be true, it was reported as news. I personally believe that I weigh 120 pounds & wear a size 4. That must be because, barring an accident requiring stitches or an infection requiring antibiotics, I NEVER go near a doctor, so I do not have one constantly telling me, as did the Family Practice resident who delivered my second son, “I suppose you know that you are ‘overweight’?” I told him that I did not know that, because ‘overweight’ is a stupid & meaningless term, but, if he meant, did I know that I was fat, the answer was yes & I was comfortable with it & not going on a diet. Any time a doctor in the past 30 years or so has started to ‘discuss’ weight, I have stopped him in his tracks & let him know that it was not a topic open for discussion. Unfortunately, most fat people in our culture are not as independent, outspoken & contrary as I am, so most of them DO get bullied (contrary to the ‘findings’ of this ‘study’) into risking their health & shortening their lives with yet ANOTHER weight loss attempt.

  4. Patsy Nevins. I want to be just like you when I grow up. (I am almost 45) I dread going to the doctor. But, if and when I do go to the doctor, as I probably should at some point, I hope I have the strength to respond to any weight rubbish in the same way you did. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Bwahahahaaa!!

    Oh that’s right, because the doctor didn’t tell me I was fat, I am totally clueless to it despite being 300lbs and wearing a size 26. And all those people telling me I’m unhealthy, calling me “Fat b!tch” in the street, the news using my body as a headless fatty, the shop assistants who tell me “There’s nothing for you in here.” and every magazine plastering pictures of tiny actresses on the cover and labelling them fat didn’t give me a hint.

    Good gravy, how patronising and experience denying can the people who publish these studies get?

  6. Groan. Every few years one of these comes up and it’s always the same craperoo. People don’t know they’re fat because their doctors don’t tell them? Try, “People who are very well-muscled with an ‘overweight’ BMI are generally not told by their doctors to slim down,” or, “Doctors really don’t enjoy playing Captain Obvious with their patients who actually ARE fat, and the smarter docs know they don’t have a whole lot to offer to change that anyway.”

  7. Yeah. See, what I don’t get is how these idiots can continue trying to beat us with this particular stick and think their going to accomplish something. The stick is old, falling apart, frayed-to-threads. Guys! This argument was brain dead from the day it was first proposed. It’s been laughed out of the room, tarred, feathered, and rode out of town on a rail so often it’s not even a joke anymore. Now it’s just sad. About the only thing it IS successfully doing is making it easy to ID real fatophobes while coming back, full circle, to being irritating. Like a kid who won’t stop poking his sisters arm until Mom starts yelling.

    So, uhhh, when are we gonna grow up and cut this BS out, huh?

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