The Lesson from Muriel

I want to share with you something that happened to me years ago when I was living inLos Angeles. 

One of my co-workers was a gorgeous fat African-American lady named Muriel.  She was a hoot and a half and I just loved her to bits.

Muriel understood that fat is beautiful.  She would talk about how when her (admittedly) crappy car would break down on the freeway, she’d roll up her skirt to make it shorter, get out the high heels she kept in the car for this reason, open the hood, and then bend over – sooner or later, somebody would be enticed to stop and help her! 

One day I was rushing down the hall, and Muriel rushed out of a doorway and we ran full on into each other.  WHOOMPH.  It was like two fully padded oak trees coming together – one of the most amazing and joyful physical feelings I have ever had.  So very strong and solid, yet so very soft!  We hugged and laughed.

 Muriel, however, still embraced dieting.  Granted she had some health issues that she was dealing with too.  She decided dieting was the way to deal with the health issues.  One Friday Muriel was saying how she really really really would love to go home and have a drink – but she couldn’t because it wasn’t allowed on her diet. 

 Muriel went home and her father-in-law killed her, Muriel’s husband, and Muriel’s mother-in-law. 

 I wish Muriel had had that drink she really wanted.

 If you really really want something and it’s not going to hurt or endanger you, treat yourself.  Respect your wants and needs, treat yourself with love. 

 That’s the lesson from Muriel, and I keep it close to my heart every day.


3 thoughts on “The Lesson from Muriel

  1. In Muriel’s honor, I got myself a slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie to eat at lunchtime.

    I really wish I could have met her. She sounds like a wonderful person.

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