Your body considers its fat to be a precious resource to be defended and protected.

 Want to know how much your body defends its fat? 

 A recent study of women seeking liposuction treatment showed that after the fat is literally sucked out – it returns – within a year – just to a different part of the body.

 So get your thighs sucked out, and you could end up with a new belly – or fat upper arms, etc. 

 The hypothesis is that the fat doesn’t come back to the liposuctioned area because of the previous trauma.  Your fat just looks for a new home in another (safer) neighborhood.

 As one doctor said, “It’s another chapter in the ‘You can’t fool Mother Nature’ story.”

 The really sad thing is, more than half of the women in the control group, even after they were told the results, still wanted to undergo liposuction.  WTF?

 Now, I already knew that fat cells are your friends forever.  When you diet, you don’t lose fat cells, you simply “collapse” them, make them smaller, not less in number.  What I didn’t know is that your body carefully controls the number of its fat cells.  Fat cells live about 7 years, but when one dies your body makes another to take its place.  And apparently when you suck fat cells out or even have them surgically removed, your body replaces them.

 So you can love your fat where it grows, or you can try to remove it and you can take your chances on whether you like where the fat decides to live next.

 Me and my fat ass have agreed we should live together in peace, harmony, and love; and the only time that fat has to move is when I shake my booty!


5 thoughts on “MY FAT ASS IS HERE TO STAY

  1. I love my fat because I love to eat! Accepting my body and who I am wasn’t an easy journey, but I’ve arrived. Fat and size is a relative term. You’re right … shaking booty is a good thing and who knows, I might even shake out some fat cells along the way. They won’t be gone for long though …

  2. You know I read that article about the liposuction and had an irresistible urge to giggle.

    You can’t fool Mother Nature!

    Still, there’s a little piece of me that wonders if I lipo’d my belly, would the fat come back in my boobs, finally making them the larger bit of me and making clothes shopping just a tidge easier?

    No, I’m not going to do it. My mind just comes up with this stuff randomly.

  3. I too am fat and not ashamed of how I look. I have accepted who I am and have gotten off the diet merry-go-round for good. Good health is not regulated by our weight. It is time to stand up to the Media and pill pushers who say otherwise.

  4. Yeah I guess I am one of those women who would still go through with it. I am a size 14-16 now and I have strange fat deposits that look very weird. I have two huge back fat deposits that look completely weird and make dressing in anything very distressing because of it. I am contemplating getting it sucked out. I would be perfectly happy regaining the weight anywhere else.

    It’s easy to judge, thin women judging fat women fat women judging the “shallow” women but within there should be come compassion as well as empathy that some people with perfectly good reasoning faculties also have good reasons to occasionally lipo. it is not only the pervue of reality TV drama queens. For me it would be such a burden off of me.

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