In case you missed it, The Village Voice did a great article on Guys Who Like Fat Chicks

It mostly focuses onDanWeiss.  Here is an FA (fat admirer) talking about issues FAs deal with and the myths that surround being an FA.  He also has an advice-column blog for folks who have questions about FAs.  He doesn’t try to be PC, and some people may object to how he talks about women; but I found him refreshingly candid. 

Why doesDan do this?  Because he wants FAs to come out of the FA closet. 

Dan believes there are a lot more FAs out there than anybody suspects.  I sure hope so.  And I wholeheartedly agree that FAs need to stop skulking in the shadows and come out and play!  They’ll be happier and a lot of fat people will be happier.  Doctors, family and friends could no longer tell fat people that they will always be alone because no one could love them unless they lose weight.  Sadly, even for this article, many of the people who were interviewed chose to use pseudonyms.

 I also really appreciate Dan addressing the idea that being an FA is being a fetishist.  As he very correctly points out, people are not fetish objects; people are people.  Preferring a fat person is simply having a “type”.  Just like some people prefer blonds, or short partners or tall partners, etc.  It’s a preference, not a fetish.  He also points out that he does not find all fat people equally attractive.  He finds certain fat people attractive.  Again, he has a “type”.

 He also dispels the myth that fat people are “easy”.  One reason, he points out, is that fat people are skeptical.  Many fat people have been taught (and eventually come to believe) that they could not possibly be attractive.  And even fat people who know they are attractive, have been made the butt of so many jokes, that they tend to be very careful not to open themselves up for more abuse.

 A large part of the article follows Charlotte (a fat woman, but not an FA) who is in town to meet a man who came all the way from Spain just to meet her.  I guess they just wanted a woman’s point of view – but I would have been more interested in hearing from a gay/lesbian FA or a female FA.  

 In fact there’s quite a bit of “filler” in this article that is not quite on topic, but overall it is a great read with some interesting information.



  1. Yeah, I didn’t like this article. Not any big ideological objections, there were just too many stops and starts; no red thread throughout the piece. But I guess it’s good that the existence of FA’s gets out there.

  2. I have very mixed feelings about the article & I have to admit that I am offended about the way this man talks about fat women, yet I am happy that some men can see the beauty in fat women. Ironically, I have for most of my life apparently been in no woman’s world with the majority of the male population…too fat for the guys with conventional tastes & too thin for the FA’s. However, in the years since I cut back from compulsive exercise to normal exercise & completed menopause, I have gained some weight, so maybe now some of them would give me a second look.

    We do all have ‘types’, certain physical characteristics to which we are attracted. However, I like to think that most caring, mature, reasonably self-confident adults will love a person because of WHO that whole person is & sometimes it is quite possible to fall deeply in love with & even want to marry a person whom you considered not to be your physical ‘type.’

    And I do so LOVE the blanket assertion late in the article that anyone with a BMI over 30 could improve his/her health by losing weight, when we not only know that losing weight permanently is nearly impossible for most people, but that dieting damages health & the more you diet, the more damage is done & the higher your weight is likely to be. Ah, yes, the dear medical profession, standing up to reiterate the tried & untrue, no matter what. Go ahead & encourage healthy people to destroy their health &, especially as they age, to increase their risk of early mortality by several hundred percent! It is what our culture expects & demands.

    As always, any article on the subject of fat must include warnings about the negative effect of fat on people’s health. However, this is probably about as positive an article as one is likely to find in the mainstream media or anything close to mainstream.

  3. Being comfortable in one’s body is the most important thing. Mental health is key whatever size you are. I enjoyed reading your post. I prefer to use the word “volumptuous” myself.

  4. Fat Bottom Girls make my Rockin World go Round!! Freddy Mercury may have be
    en gay but he knew the shape
    that genuinELy defiNEd a

    real , Mature,
    shapely qualities
    like that of a QUeen. Mainstream media pisses
    me off with thier version of what or who is hot.Magazines like Maxim n PLayboy have restricted themselves from portraying
    real live beautiful women FULL OF FEMININITY!
    I JUST want all of those beautiful Fat Ass women who’ve been intimidated &/ or told they’re to big to rebel from the abusive control freaks that feed u these intimidating lies. Please Rebel by squeezin your big beautiful Booty into a snug tight pair of short shorts or a tight short minnie skirt & wake up n c how beautiful u girls really are!!
    Although models in mainstream mags may have pretty faces they are nothing more than little girls to me & in my opinion are not the least bit erotic!

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