Follow Up to the Hypotheticals

Regarding my last post, I asked those questions because a couple of weeks ago, a woman found out that her (non-revealing) picture had been reposted to a porn site, and she blamed (at least in part) the moderator of FYCF because they had reposted it from the woman’s Tumblr.  The FYCF moderator posted a multipart response, stating essentially, it’s not my fault, and anyway you should expect such things to happen.

I agree with the second part; any picture on the Internet can be copied or reposted, usually with ease. But I was puzzled that the moderator spent so much time trying to prove that the porn person didn’t get the pic from FYCF. Since the porn guy could have done so, and anyone could do so again, why protest so much?

Anyway, I wanted to know what you folks would do in that (or a less severe) situation. (No, I’m not planning on reposting your pictures here, I just thought it was interesting.) When I posted the questions, I thought that I wouldn’t care if a non-porn picture of me popped up on a porn site. (In any case, if it ever happens I’ll probably never know.) Now I realize that my image might imply approval of the site, so I’d probably demand that it be removed. So you guys (non-gender-specific use of the term) taught me something. Thank you!


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