Last Sunday night I attended the fat-abulous Marilyn Wann’s (author of Fat!So?) premiere event for her midlife “oasis” project – WDAL (Weight Diversity Activity Lounge), pronounced waddle. 

 What a great time and what a great idea. Marilyn’s dream is to buy real property where she plans to reside (in a corner), with the rest of the space available for size-accepting folks to gather.  She envisions a space that would include pool, hot tub, dance floor, kitchen facilities, etc. with everything totally accessible.  A safe place for fun, learning and acceptance.

 People of all sizes came to the Humanist Hall in Oakland for an evening of good food, great music and wonderful company. 

 Of course,Marilyn wouldn’t settle for just one activity at her event:

 The great band Just 4 Fun provided music for dancing and singing!  Everyone was welcome to get up and sing with the band – sort of karaoke only with live musicians!  A folder with the lyrics of songs in the band’s repertoire were provided. 

 Marilyn also invited people to get up and dance in front of a green screen while listening to the song “Hips and Ass” which she co-wrote with the guitarist of Just 4 Fun. Marilyn plans on taking the video clips from the dancers to create a YouTube video for the song.

 The meal was vegan, and included choices for glucose-intolerant folks as well, with the cooking handled by the very capable hands of Orion Cooper.  Organic and sulfate-free wine was also available. 

 And if I may toot my own horn, Fatties United contributed “WWMWD” (What Would Marilyn Wann Do) bracelets for one and all, and they were a big hit. 

 And a Fat!So? Day Planner is in the works.

 I am so lucky to live in an area where I can attend fun fat-positive events like this.  I am excited by Marilyn’s project, and am looking forward to see how it progresses as she works to achieve her dream.  If anyone can do it, Marilyn can.


5 thoughts on “WDAL – “WADDLE”

  1. I wish I could! In my part of the world (Quebec, Canada) NO fat accepting event does even exist. One day I’ll make it to Marilyn’s Mansion and meet you too lol! Also, I want this planner. Where can I buy it??

  2. I am so jealous. I live on the wrong side of this continent. Whom do I have to kill to get a WWMWD bracelet? I really wish we had some fat community in Maine. I suppose I am fortunate to live in a state where I virtually never suffer abuse on the streets because of my size. Must count our blessings.

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