Does the Cleveland Department of Children and Family Services have too much time on their hands?  Too many resources?  Do they not read?  Do they not understand people come in different sizes?  WTF is wrong with these people?

Once again a fat child has been removed from his home because he is fat.  They are claiming it is a form of medical neglect.


Since Yahoo news posts tend to disappear quickly, here is a link to the story that should be around longer:


I guess nobody told them (or the court that allowed this to happen) that no one, including doctors, has been able to find a reliable method of attaining significant weight loss over an extended period of time for most fat people.  If the Cleveland Department of Children and Family Services does know how to achieve this, they should share the secret because they could make a butt load of money.

The 8-year-old boy suffers from sleep apnea.  Thin and fat people suffer from sleep apnea.  But, again, even if the condition is weight-related, there is no “cure”.

The boy has been taking part in a program called “Healthy Kids, Healthy Weight” at the Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.  He lost some weight, and recently the weight started to come back.  Surprise, surprise.  Apparently, this triggered the boy being put into foster care.  Can’t blame the program.  Can’t blame the good folks at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.  Better to take a child from his home and put him into foster care.

The overwhelming majority of the comments on Yahoo to this news story has been that this is the wrong thing to do.  Some of the people are size accepting, some are not, but they pretty much all agree that the government has no business removing fat children from a loving home.

I would say the comments show a step in the right direction in general societal views on this issue, except there is still an 8-year-old boy who has been taken from his home and a mother who is going through pure hell simply because she has a fat child.



  1. “The mother said that when she found out that other kids and a sibling might be giving her son extra food, she tried to put a stop to it and explain to him that he could eat only certain foods. ”

    I expect that being treated differently from the others isn’t helping this boy at all. I recall what it was like to be that age and being put on a diet. I, too, was told that I could only eat certain foods; mostly things that the others weren’t eating. I felt that I was being singled out and punished for not being thin like everyone else.

    What psychological damage are they doing to this boy by making him diet. What emotional harm have they caused him now that he’s been taken away from his family? He must feel frightened and alone. I expect he’s also feeling like I did: like he’s done something wrong and is being punished.

  2. For some reason the fact that he has participated in the “Healthy Kids, Healthy Weight” program, made this even worse for me. His parents have actually tried adapting to societal expectations of them, but even that’s not good enough.

  3. Man, this really upsets me. I was a fat kid who is still fat now. My parents, excuse the language, loved the SHIT out of me. We still have a great relationship. My mother got a bit funny about my weight sometimes, but ultimately they cared more about me being happy.

    The idea that services would have taken me away from wonderful loving parents because I was fat sickens me. I feel like this poor woman was told to dig a hole in the sand while it kept caving in the sides. Weight loss is difficult. You basically have to push your body to the utmost limit to do it, and they are punishing her for not torturing her son into torturing his body in turn.

    this is so messed up.

  4. Just as fat is not an indicator of abuse or neglect, I’d like to add that it’s also not a license to abuse (Biggest Loser notwithstanding) or neglect.

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