A fat man died

Late last year, my father died. His health problems had been mounting so it wasn’t 100% a surprise, but still a shock that I’m adjusting to. Without getting into too many details, (1) he was a fat man, and (2) he lived significantly longer than the average life expectancy of men in the U.S. From about age 50 onward, Dad’s lifestyle was unusually healthy for our society: His work kept him outside and active, and he ate a wide variety of fresh, healthy food.

A single case doesn’t prove much, except that such a case can exist.  Consider that, amidst the whole “obesity epidemic” furor, that it is possible for a fat man to live a long and healthy life.


4 thoughts on “A fat man died

  1. My condolences on the loss of your father. I have also had many long-lived fat relatives, most of whom could not claim the ‘healthy’ lifestyle of your father. They just lived to be old because their genes & their dumb luck dictated that they would.

    • Thanks, Patsy! Your examples make the point even better than mine does. Life expectancy depends on many variables, only a few of which are in our control.

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