I know black is classic and is usually a staple of any person’s (fat or thin) wardrobe.

HOWEVER, sometimes I want some color in my life and in my closet and it feels like it is an uphill battle to find brightly colored clothes to cover my fat ass.

Haven’t we come farther than this?

All I wanted was some brightly colored footless tights/leggings to wear with my new colorful tops.  I went to all the usual places – Woman Within, Roamans, Jessica London, Ulla Popken, etc., and my choices were pretty much uniformly – black, gray, dark brown and sometimes navy!  Whoo-hoo.  Not even white (which I could then dye).

Well shit.

Add to the fact that I am supersize which means my ass is more Empress of the Universe size rather than Queen Size.

Well, I looked and looked, and with the help of my truly wonderful Whaliam, I finally found two possibilities:  Chubbycartwheels.com and Welovecolors.com.

Chubbycartwheels has some interesting items – including lace leggings in various colors, but the only solid color leggings they had were in velvet and with summer coming they didn’t suit my purposes.  But they are definitely bookmarked for future consideration.

Welovecolors is amazing – they have more than 45 colors available and some tie-dye choices as well all in my size – and the price are reasonable.  They also carry colored fishnets and striped and patterned stockings – but alas those do not extend to my size.

So, I salute Welovecolors.com for offering my fat ass choices to adorn my lower limbs with flare and to the big corp fatty clothing sites, I can only say, I am disappointed but sadly not surprised.



2 thoughts on “I WANT A COLORFUL FAT ASS

  1. WeLoveColors is my go to place for colorful tights/leggings. I can totally understand why the other stores only carry the basic colors. Color for some reason is often associated with risk. More plus people need to ask for them I guess. Although I cannot imagine them doing a finer job than WLC.

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