I am so incredibly angry.

And you won’t like me angry.

While working on the NAAFA roundup, I made the mistake of reading comments on an article about Weight of the Nation.

Let me say this.  I have no intention of watching Weight of the Nation on HBO or reading the book.  I have heard enough about it to know that it is just more of the same old myths and misinformation about fat people that stoke the fat hatred that is reflected in the comments I read.  I am not going to subject myself to it.

I just want to say –


Fuck you.

My health is not your concern.  It is none of your business.  So don’t tell me, you are just concerned about my health.  Trust me, you can put that in the great big box in your head marked “Not my problem”.

We are all going to die.  When and how I die is of concern to a very few people.  My being fat is not going to make your life longer or shorter, better or worse.

If it makes you feel superior to me because of a number on a scale – get on with your bad self.  But I don’t want to listen to it.

I am tired of trying to have a polite conversation with you people who hate fat people but cannot admit it.  I’m tired of people politely correcting you with facts and having you come back with another stream of fat phobia.  You do not want to hear facts.  You are too invested in what “everyone knows”.  Go ahead and lie to yourself, but don’t think that you are deceiving me.  I know who and what you are.

And I’m so tired of people being afraid of fat people.

You want to be afraid of fat people, keep it up.  I repeat, you won’t like me angry.



5 thoughts on “KISS MY ANGRY FAT ASS

  1. I believe in HAES and fat acceptance but I’ve been watching it and all weight matters aside, I have to admit they make some valid points about the nutritional and activity habits of America.

    • I also believe in HAES, but shame and hate do not help anyone. And nutritional and activity habits are valuable to everyone not just fat people.

      • Extremely good point. There are lots of fat people who observe the latest nutritional guidelines to the letter and who get even more exercise than whatever the latest recommendation is; there are lots of thin people who eat whatever is currently being demonized and never get any exercise.

        Weight is not a behavior. Even though I don’t necessarily agree with the US health establishment about what the optimal behaviors are (at least for my body), talking about weight and behaviors as though they were synonymous is counterproductive for said health establishment.

        And of course, nobody complains about the “height epidemic,” even though the US population is significantly taller than it was two generations ago.

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