Every time somebody says significant long term weight loss is easily achievable, a fat fairy gets her wings ripped off.

According to a recent study, negative attitudes toward fat people increase when participants are falsely told that body weight is easily controllable:



Worse yet, the same study shows that not only can weight stigma continue after the person has lost weight; but the study participants:

 “… expressed greater bias against obese people after reading about women who had lost weight than after reading about women who had remained weight stable, regardless of whether the weight-stable woman was thin or obese.”

Messages that fat people can lose or control their weight are everywhere – and these messages generate more and more fat phobia and hatred; sadly, often with the fat population.

We need to stand up to the lies.

We need to educate people about fatness.

We need to stop telling others and, more importantly, ourselves, lies about what we can control and achieve.  People may be able to control behavior, but people cannot control how their bodies will react to that behavior.

And we need to stop with self-deprecating remarks about our bodies and how we think we can control them.  You are not just hurting yourself.  You are hurting every other fatty and the people who love and support them by generating fat bigotry and the resultant discrimination.

Think of all those grounded fat fairies.



  1. Is it bad that all I could think of was this Fat Fairy art, as soon as you said “fat fairy”? 🙂

    On-topic: I don’t think that being fat is something we should try to control or punish in other people, even if it is a choice for some people. But believing that fat is a choice is necessary if you want to believe that fat people are only fat because they’re lazy or don’t know any better [or pick your stereotype]. Believing that fat is mostly not a choice may not make people fat-positive–they may see fat as a disease or affliction–but it removes the rationale for thinking fat is evidence of a character flaw.

  2. The shock I felt when I first realized that diets fail almost every time is still with me. I actually have fantasies wherein everyone has the knowledge of how often all diets fail implanted into their brains.

  3. I believe there is a lot of meanness in the professional communities. There is just too much data and experience out there for physicians not to know that body weight cannot be controlled, except in the few rigid willful personality types who may be smug on the outside but suffer silently within. It is a matter of hate and contempt overriding knowledge. In my own experience, obesity aside, I have not lately been able to find a physician or psychologist who shows human decency. I could write a book on this. This is not my original quote, but the professional class has lost any sense of integrity. I have experienced this again and again and so have others. The war on obesity is yet another symptom of this and we must not allow ourselves to be easy prey..

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