NAAFA Convention 2012!

Is anyone besides us going to the NAAFA Convention in Millbrae (California) this year? If you’re in the area, and haven’t decided yet, consider it; it’s the oldest gathering of the fat acceptance community, and can be a lot of fun. Here’s the schedule:

Here’s where you can sign up (day passes are available):

Longtime readers know that we started FU three years ago just after the NAAFA Convention, and mostly in response to NAAFA’s shortcomings, but even so, we are still members and we still go to the Conventions when they are on the West Coast. So I hope to see some of you there!


6 thoughts on “NAAFA Convention 2012!

    • Thanks, Veronica! It’s going pretty well. I’ve been to enough of these things that I know how to avoid things that stress me out and focus on the fun stuff.

      • Good idea, Veronica, although I’m not sure which parts others find stressful. For me, it’s waiting for registration. This year, the NAAFA website had the wrong registration times, so, we showed up late Thursday. When we registered Friday, it was still a slow process, although everyone was nice.

        I didn’t go to workshops at all this year, so that wasn’t a problem, although they can be stressful depending on the topic. But they can also be very enriching and informative, so they’re often worth doing.

        In the vendor’s fair (dealer’s room), I bought a couple of books by Marita Fowler, but the clothes weren’t for me so mostly I can’t comment.

        Again, I’m not sure how helpful this is; everyone’s experience will be different.

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