A new report shows people, the world over, are living longer than ever!  Yay!

And people, the world over, are fatter than ever!  Yay!

So what’s the problem?  Why isn’t this good news?

Well, you know those kids who say they would rather have cancer than be fat?  Ali Mokdad, co-author of a report published in The Lancet, claims that the health burden from obesity is greater than hunger and we have to do something about it!




Yeah, because I’m sure that someone would much rather die of hunger than of fat.  Oh wait, the predictions of fat people dropping dead early haven’t materialized – in fact – news flash – PEOPLE, THE WORLD OVER, ARE LIVING LONGER THAN EVER / PEOPLE, THE WORLD OVER, ARE FATTER THAN EVER!

Since so many fat people have had the audacity to keep on living instead of dropping dead on schedule, Dr. Mokdad is predicting that all these fat folks will be old sick fat folks and require lots and lots of medical treatment.

For example, per Dr. Mokdad:  “We’ve figured out how to keep the person who suffered a stroke alive, but then they’re living disabled for years afterward. That’s not the quality of life that person expected.”

Maybe not, but for many (if not most) disabled beats dead.

Dr. Mokdad makes the assumption that old fat people are sick/disabled people.  He seems to be unaware of (or is ignoring) research that shows health benefits fat people may have (especially as we get older).

According to the CNN article on the report: “Researchers credit advances in medical technology for longer lives.”

Okay.  So, even if fat old people tend to be sicker or end up disabled (which is not a foregone conclusion), does Dr. Mokdad think that medical research and technology stops here?  If more and more people will benefit, don’t you think the research and technology will focus on the need (and the monetary payoff for meeting that need)?

And by the way, this is not the first time Dr. Mokdad made predictions about fatties.  He used to be employed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and he was one of the authors of the CDC report that said:

At least 400,000 Americans die of overweight and obesity every year, making it soon to surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death.

HOWEVER, as noted in the article by Dr. Linda Bacon in the Fall 2006 NAAFA Newsletter:

 In fact, obesity and overweight only result in an excess of 26,000 annual deaths, far fewer than guns, alcohol or car crashes.


So excuse me if I take Dr. Mokdad’s current predictions with a grain (or two) of salt (preferably around the rim of a Margarita glass).

And Dr. Mokdad, please stop peeing in the world’s Cheerios; and just be happy more people are on the right side of the grass longer than ever.



  1. And for more in the “the medical world, the media, & the culture at last will not see & accept the evidence of their own eyes” department, in the news on tv this morning, it was reported that science has established that ‘overweight’ people are healthier & more resilient than thin people, that they live longer & bounce back from illness/surgery, etc. faster than thin people. At the end was the conclusion I suppose we should have seen. “Scientists do not know why this is true, but it is presumed that it is because ‘overweight’ people go to the doctor more & get more attention from their doctors.” This is only the exact OPPOSITE of the actual life experiences of most fat people. Most fat people go to the doctor LESS (I myself have seen a doctor twice in the past 14 years, once to have my ear stitched back on after it was nearly severed, another time to confirm for the benefit of my husband’s insurance company that I did indeed have cerebral palsy) & when they DO go to the doctor, most are ignored, abused, ridiculed, given little or no real treatment, handed a diet sheet, & told that their weight is the ONLY thing wrong with them. There are few things in this world more difficult for the majority of people to accept & understand than the fact that fat is a protective & beneficial tissue. Most would accept the existence of unicorns first.

  2. Saw a rather counterintuitive headline on the USA Today a while back; Longevity masks unhealthy lifestyles (http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/usaedition/2012-12-11-health-rankings-medicine-cant-offset-unhealthy-habitsart_st_u.htm).

    I get what they’re driving at; more Americans are living with chronic health conditions. But at the same time . . . by what standard other than longevity is health measured? A ‘healthy corpse’ is a contradiction in terms.

  3. Dr. Mokdad was one of the authors of THAT study!? And he’s still allowed to share his opinions!?! Kill it! Kill it with fire!

    Note the massive exaggaration here, I don’t actually want someone to kill it/him (with fire. Obvioulsy he should be sat on by as many fatties as possible ’til dead. (No, I don’t want that either.)))

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