Two types of cool

Tanteterri just posted about a CEO of a chain of stores. In the article she references, the guy says he wants only cool people in the company’s stores and clothes. To him, that means (in part) no fatties. But it’s clear from the context that he doesn’t mean cool, he means popular.

See, there are two types of cool people: the first type wears what’s in fashion, and the second type has a unique style, and sometimes creates fashion. I’ve seen people doing lots of cool things with what they wear, and lots of those people were fat. There may be body types that are more fashionable at a given time, but no body size has a monopoly on style or creativity.

One more thing: cool is as cool does. To be truly cool, you have to be cool about other people. To be OK enough with yourself that you can be OK with others who are different. That’s cool. But this CEO guy? Not cool.


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