This is probably more of an old lady issue than a fat issue, but y’all are my peeps, so I thought I would share this with you.  On the other hand, fuzzy face can be related to hormones, fat stores hormones (and even produces estrogen), so it is fat related too.

When I was in 5th grade I had a female science teacher with an amazingly fuzzy face – solid peach fuzz.  I was both amazed and appalled and it never occurred to me that this might happen to me one day as I grew older.

Surprise!  (Okay, not such a surprise, by then I had heard of peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause.)

I tried using depilatories, the kind made specially for your face, and it still irritated the hell out of my skin.  Took the fuzz off, but I’d go around for a few days after looking like I had a red beard.  Not pretty.

I had heard, over and over, how if you shave it just makes more hair grow and will turn your fuzz into hair-hair – you know, like what happened when you started shaving your legs.

So what to do?

I saw a commercial for a product called No!No!Hair – guaranteed painless and effective.  I checked it out – turns out it’s also guaranteed expensive.  I’m vain, but even my vanity has its limits.

So then I did a general search, and learned a couple of things:

1.         Shaving does not make the hair darker/thicker; it’s the angle that the hair is cut by razors that makes it look darker/thicker as it comes back.

2.         Eyebrow shavers are the best to use for fuzzy face because the blade is much finer and it cuts the hair at an angle that doesn’t result in the hair looking darker/thicker as it comes back in.

I don’t know about Item #1 – I mean, I had fuzzy legs, started shaving them, and now the hair is definitely not fuzzy.  Of course, that may simply be because we usually start shaving our legs around the same time puberty kicks in and that is probably the reason for the change in the hair.

Item #2, though, made sense to me.  I went online and found an electric eyebrow shaver – way less expensive than No!No!Hair, and guess what?  It works great.  Yes, the fuzz comes back, but it comes back as fuzz and I don’t look like Red Beard the pirate after using my shaver.  And my shaver cost about $15.

So if you don’t like having a fine fuzzy face (and there is nothing wrong with having a fine fuzzy face, just a personal choice), find waxing and depilatories hurt too much and irritate your skin, you might want to try using an eyebrow shaver.

Just thought I’d pass it on.

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