You may or may not be aware of the company eShakti, but if not, here is an alternative to Making it Big and other somewhat pricier online clothing retailers.

The clothes are not horrifically expensive, but they are not cheap either.  A dress can go from anywhere between $59 to the mid one-hundreds.

But here’s the thing, for $7.50 they will customize your dress to any size!  Their “off the rack” sizes go up to 6X/36W, but if you have a not-off-the-rack body or need a larger size, just give them your measurements and they will make the dress to your order.  For $7.50, that is an amazing deal.

Most of eShakti’s clothing has a “retro” feel, but some of it is just plain classic.  There is not a lot of selection of colors and prints for the various styles.  But the colors and prints and styles available are constantly changing.  It seems to be dictated by the fabric they have available at that time.  So if you see a style in a print you absolutely love, get it now, because it probably won’t be available for more than a few months.

So here is a place that everyone can get a dress that will fit.  How cool is that?  I can look through their available dresses, skirts, tops/blouses and not have to worry about seeing something that is perfect only to find it is not available in my size.

Another thing, they do not carry pants or shorts at all.  I guess you can’t have everything, at least not yet; but this is a great start in the right direction.

I bought two sun dresses from them.  I was so happy to find that the dress straps include little straps that you can snap over your bra strap to keep everything secure.  I did; however, I have a problem with my bra riding up in the back (the curse of big boobs) so that it showed.  I simply took a front hook bra and sewed the back of the bra to three places on the top of the back of the dress (where the straps start and in the middle) and that took care of the problem.  If you don’t want to sew it, you can obviously use pins.  Whatever works.

One thing, it takes awhile to get the clothes after you order them.  eShakti is in India and they ship via DHL.  They claim garments ship in 7 business days, and transit is usually 7 to 9 business days – that 7-9 business days in addition to the 7 business days; so you are looking at about a month before you’ll get your clothes (and my recollection is it actually takes longer but maybe it just feels like longer because I WANT my new outfit so much!).  You will get an e-mail telling you when the package has shipped, and then it will arrive a few days later.

So I wanted to pass this on to y’all in case you hadn’t heard about it yet.  I only heard about eShakti at a Fatties Affair event when I saw some ladies in too-cool-for-school dresses and tops.  So check it out.  You may want everything, or maybe you’ll keep it in mind when you have a special event coming up and want/need something.


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