We recently took a trip back to Michigan for a wedding and to see family.  We fly into Chicago rather than Detroit because it is a nonstop flight, and I enjoy driving.

Our trip to Chicago was fraught with stupid annoyances (truly first world problems), and by the time we got to the rental place, I was hot, cranky, and my back was hurting.  The signs at the rental place were showing somebody else’s name over where our car was supposed to be – just one more annoyance onto the list.  So Whaliam went back to the office to check while I waited with the bags.  I really needed to sit down, because of my back, so I went to the driver’s side of the car – a 2013 Toyota Corolla.  Now, Whaliam and I both drive Corollas – mine is a 2003 and his is 1983, so imagine my shock when I couldn’t fit into the front seat.  I figured the front seat just needed to be pushed back and tried that – no joy.  It only went back a few inches.  Whaliam came back to say the car was the right one and I had to tell him, I couldn’t drive this car.  Total teary melt down on my part.  Whaliam also tried to move the seat back and tilt the wheel, but there still was nowhere near enough room for me and my fat ass.

Now, we lucked out that the rental place has a policy that you can choose other cars and just change the contract when you leave.  So we picked a 2012 Mazda 3 – absolutely no problem fitting into the Mazda – it was, however, an upgrade (from economy to midsize, although weirdly enough, Hertz also considers the Corolla a midsize) but Whaliam was okay with that (my hero).

So has anyone else had this problem with the new Corollas?  Or was this one just fucked up?

And word-to-the wise, when renting a car, I would warn them that you need a fat-friendly car or you could end up with a major headache (or fat-ass ache).  Whaliam (who does our car rental reservations) is not sure if warning them would work because it would depend on whether the clerks have any concept of how much belly / ass room their cars have.  Also with our car rental company, your reservation is for a certain make and model or “equivalent”.  Our car rental company considers both Corolla and the Mazda as midsize but they are clearly not “equivalent”.   I would suggest making sure of the make and model, but then again we thought we knew about Corollas.

Like traveling isn’t a big enough hassle for fat people.


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